Genesis 25:27-28….Isaac loved Esau because he eat from him game but Rebbecca loved Jacob…The kind of love that Isaac had for Esau was conditional, but Rebbecca had unconditional love for Jacob. God want you put your house together and in order.
(1) You do not know when you will die: Some people when they die, if God give them the grace to look back onto what they have left behind they will be crying in their graves because they did not keep their house in order. Some of us when we die today God does not give us more grace to live long our children will suffer and there will be problem because while you where alive you have never been balanced. Having everybody depend on you is not the right life to live some of us enjoy it so that others will not have but will be depending on us. If you die, you are like a key holder, and when the key holder is lost, the whole key he/she is holding on to is lost. We believe it is our destiny to be the head of the family or the breadwinner of the family but what kind of money do we have when others are suffering; they call us for every penny they need. Why can we not we set something for them that they will live with for life?
(2) Because of the plan the enemy has for you: The enemies are watching so that your house and family can be destroyed; they are watching so that things can go awkward or bad.
(3) We do not know what tomorrow holds for us:  You may have money today, temptation may come, trial may come, you may pass through wind storm;  that money finishes,and you are going through problems. There are some of us holding our family to the extent that if nothing comes from us nothing will comes anywhere, it is like holding them to ransom. God has favored you to be in this particular position put your house in order.
(4) We do not know when Jesus will come: God is God of order…1 Corinthians 14:40..Let all things be done decently and in order…There was no peace in the family of Isaac because he did not put his house in order in the beginning but he did it later.  Let us put our house in order before it becomes worse or gets out of hand.
Put your house in order  because you do not know what will happen tomorrow; put your house in order because you do not know how long you will live on earth; put your life in order because of your enemies do not let your enemies blaspheme the name of your God, put your house in order because you do not know when Jesus will come back. If the rapture takes you away will you children go? If the wrath of Jesus comes today and rapture takes you, will your family go? Put your house in order; the things of the kingdom of God is not from eating and drinking put is of joy and righteousness of God. Righteousness must lodge in us…Isaiah 1:21…How a faithful city has become a harlot it was full of justice; but rightousness lodge in it, but now murders …..1 Samuel 13:14….But now your kingdom shall not continue…. God is a respecter of no one.
Isaac loved Esau because he ate of his game. When we do not put our house together there will be discrimination in the house. When Jacob disguised himself to take his brother’s blessing father Isaac said in Genesis 27:24…Are you really my son Esau? This is because their house was being operated with the spirit of discrimination. Some parents have caused discrimination at home, they love one child better than the others, there is no equality in the house. There should be no discrimination at home.Even when you adopt a child you must treat them equally; Jesus adopted us and there was no discrimination, God adopted us through Jesus Christ Roman 8:15..For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear but you received the spirit of adoption……John 1:12..As many as received Him to them He gave the right to become children of God….God has given us right to be called children of God to those who believe in Him, we are all children of God there is no discrimination. Psalm 82:6….I say ye are gods and all of you are the children of the most high…We are the children of the most high and there is no discriminationf rom God, there is nothing like someone is Greek, Jews, black, red, white, or colored there is nothing like that before God. God made everything he does everything, he made everything,  everything is beautiful in the presence of God; the one that is not good today can be good tomorrow, the one that is bad today can be turned good tomorrow, the one that is not brilliant today can be brilliant tomorrow. God wants every child to be brilliant, God wants everyone to be intelligent. The race is not to be swift, it is not by might or by power but by my spirit says the Lord;  is God that gives mercy Jesus Christ said “go and read this I desire mercy not sacrifice ” Matthew 9:13-14… I desire mercy not sacrifice. it is not about how I do it, it is not because of the wisdom that I have. Jeremiah 9:23-24..Let not wise man boast according to their wisdom, even the mighty ones should not boast according to their might, the one that is rich should not boast according to their riches…It is not because you know who to do it, it not because you have better understanding than others, but it is the grace of God. Genesis 6:8…Noah found grace before God…If there was no grace of God before Noah would have been flooded out. It is the grace of God that has saved you, if the grace of God has save you without discrimination, why are you discriminating? Put your house in order. The child that you feel is a bad child might be the one that will be the president tomorrow. Nathaniel said “can any good thing come from Nazareth?” John 1:45-46. Children are heritage from the Lord and the fruit of the womb is the reward. Psalm 127:1…Except the Lord builds the house they labor in vain…..God said we should put our house in order. When there is discrimination in our house or family there will always be a problem like in the life of Esau and Jacob. They had the life of enmity right from the womb, they struggled with each other..Genesis 25:22-23….Every child is good, every child is better even the one you think is not good now will be better. The second thing that happen in a house that is not in order is overthrowing position Genesis 25:29-34…Esau sold his birth right for stew to Jacob. The first born may not have anything but he/she will continue to be the first born; do not steal another person’s position; whatever you steal shall be taken away from you. It is either you release it or loose it; you cannot go to the herbalist, the fetish priest or your pastor and tell them you want to rule over everybody in your family and take everybodys destiny for you it is very dangerous. By the time you take every persons’ glory, you will carry every problem that attaches to that person’s life. Jacob took the blessings of his brother Esau in Genesis 27. We parents have put so much trouble in our homes put your house in order
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