School Supply Drive

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Heritage Foundation
(Psalm 127:3)

Heritage Foundation is aimed at providing school materials and supplies to school aged children in the Christian community. We intend to make this an annual event which will be held every fall season, just before the beginning of a new school year.

We are seeking your support for this project. We need school supplies and our target is to be able to provide supplies for approximately 500 students annually. The word of the Lord says in Proverbs 22:6 that we should “direct our children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it”.

As we know that good habits formed at childhood make all the difference. It is in a view to instill the right values in our children, and this is why we, at the Christ United Ministry International are trying our best through the word of God and by the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to inculcate good habits into our children and encourage our youths to make the best choices and know that good education is key.

CUMI is a nonprofit with 501(c) Status, therefore, we are reaching out to individuals and businesses within our community to donate generously to the purchase of school supplies for approximately 500 students. The School Supplies and other school necessities will be distributed amongst the children at the beginning of every school year starting with the 2013-2014 school year.

A list of school supply is as seen below. Your contribution will help this project become a success. We believe that together, we can make a positive difference in our community. We appreciate your generosity and please feel free to call us for more information about this program.


Donations Can be Delivered to:

Christ United Ministries Int’l

Attention: School Supply Project Team

12400 Westhimer Road
Houston, Texas 77077

Phone: 281-879 0497

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1 Backpack 1000 0
2 Washable markers (thick or thin) 1000 0
3 #2 pencils with eraser ends 1000 0
4 Black Sharpie permanent markers – FINE 1000 0
5 Black Sharpie permanent markers – EXTRA FINE 1000 0
6 Scissors 1000 0
7 3-hole folders – 1 INCH 2500 0
8 3-hole folders – 2 INCHES 2500 0
9 3-hole folders – 3 INCHES 2500 0
10 Colored pencils (12 colors) 1000 0
11 Box of tissue (Kleenex) 1000 0
12 Large plastic pencil box – 13 inch 1000 0
13 Glue sticks 2000 0
14 Erasers 1000 0
15 3×5 index cards 1000 0
16 Highlighters 1000 0
17 3 holewide rule notebook paper 2500 0
18 Composition notebooks (mead 100 pages) 2500 0
19 Manilla paper or white construction paper 1000 0
20 Zippered binder (with 3 rings NOT 3 inches) 1000 0
21 Multiplication flash cards 1000 0
22 Crayons (24 count boxes) 1000 0
23 Clorox wipes 1000 0
24 Box baggies (any size) (snack, sandwich, quart, or gallon 1000 0
25 Dry erase markers 1000 0




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