“God wants you to recover everything you have lost”…………2Kings 6:1-7

God is God that recovers everything that has gotten lost; without discovery there is no recovery; you can only recover what you have already discovered. Every good thing the enemy has stolen from you God wants to recover them for you. Believe in God you shall be established; believe in his prophet and you shall prosper. The sons of the prophets determined to build a tent so that they can expand; they asked the man of God and he gave them permission to go; they wanted the man of God to follow them and he did; as they were cutting the beam someone’s ax fell into river Jordan, and he cried because it was borrowed. . Elisha asked “where did it fall”… There are some businesses you started, you borrowed the money from the bank and the enemies consumed the money. Whatever that has been consumed, whatever that has got lost, God has the solution to everything. Some people ax might be money that the enemies has thrown into the river, some people’s ax might be their business, that the enemies has thrown into the river, probably the river has flooded or flushed it away; some might be the wisdom to make things happen and the enemies has really destabilized them, they are so much under pressure, and that pressure has made them not to think of how to expand, how to maximize, how to move their business to the next level; some people ax might be their destiny that the enemies has thrown into the river.

People of this world they are so wicked, some use demonic padlock to lock up some people’s destiny or business and they have thrown it into the ocean,  lagoon, or into the river, thinking that they have finished that person;but the Lord, the creator of  heaven and earth, sees what no man sees; He sees and knows everything. Wherever they have taken your destiny, blessing to, God knows it and today your blessing will be recovered, all your stolen blessings, shall be recovered  in the name of Jesus Christ….Amen

There are some barriers and barricades that must be removed today,there are some barriers that the enemies have put in you that makes you feel sick, weary, disturbed, so terrified in every area,and that’s we ask…” why is my life like this?, why am I living this kind of life?, do I deserve this?”.. At times we feel like committing suicide, because things are not working very well for us; but know that Jesus Christ knows everything, He has solution to everything. Your blessings that the enemies has stolen shall be recovered, your stolen glory shall be recovered, your stolen destiny shall be recovered in the name of Jesus Christ you will have them back……
God has discovered you, you are not the one to discover yourself neither is anyone, God has already discovered you. Romans 8:29&30…For whom he foreknew, he also predestined to be conformed to the image of His son…..You are foreknown by God and He predestined ´╗┐you from heaven. God has already discovered you …Jeremiah 1:4&5….I knew you before I formed you, I sanctified you when you were in the womb….while God formed him God discovered him; you are discovered for greatness; you are born to rule, you are born to excel, you are born to be transformed, you are destined for greatness.
Discovery;God has discovered you; before Samson came to this world, God has already discovered him Judges 13:5…Behold you are barren, but you shall conceive a son and he shall be a Nazirite to God and “no razor shall touch his head”…..You are created to have dominion…. Psalm 139:14…I will praise you O Lord for I am wonderfully and fearfully made…The power of God has made you, you are discovered for greatness. The ax that fell into the river was first discovered, it was already in existence, that is  why it fell into the river; whatever is not in existence, we cannot talk about it because it not existing. Your are existing, your existence will bring prosperity, peace, and joy in the name of Jesus Christ…Amen;God has created you to be a blessing, God blessed Portifer because of Joseph; anywhere you go you will be a blessing, you will go and you will possess your possession, any place you reach you shall be a blessing,where there is problem,you will find solution there,where there is problem you will get there and give them solution, where there is lack your will be the one to find solution to it, you are created as a solution, you are created as a lifter, you are wonderfully and fearfully made, in the name of Jesus Christ. In the process of building, the ax fell into the river, many things has been lost in our life but God says today he wants to recover everything for you.
When recovery comes something will happen in your life; you will feel like you are dreaming, Psalm 126:1 ……”When the Lord brought back the captivity of Zion, we were like those who dream”……You will feel as if you are dreaming, but it is not a dream, it is reality because God has done it. something spectacular, something unusual, something greater than your imagination, something bigger than your thoughts, larger than your plan, God almighty will cause it to take place in your life in the name of Jesus Christ. The ax fell into the river, the people thought that the ax is gone- ax is an iron when it enters into the water it sinks and cannot be recovered, because nobody can go down or find it. God knows everything, whatever the enemies has stolen from you shall be recovered. Some people have been suffering for many years, every year they will cry and pray, and nothing will happen but today something great will take place.
The Lord is willing to cause recovery in your life…Joel 2:35..”I will restore unto you the years that the swarming locust has eaten”….The years the locust has eaten shall be recovered in your life in the name of Jesus Christ, because God is willing to restore you am positive in the Lord that he will turn situation around in your life in the name of Jesus Christ;Money belongs to God…Haggai 2:8&9..”The silver is Mine, the gold is Mine says the Lord of hosts”….God said “the glory of this latter temple shall be greater than the former and in this I will give peace”You are the temple of God, what the Lord will do after this meeting will be greater than what you have been experiencing before.
Money is powerful, it is when you have money that you can do many things…Ecclesiastes 7:12…”For wisdom is a defence as money is a defence” …when you have money you can go extra mile, money is a defence . Many people feel that money should not be talked about ..Hosea 4:6…My people perish for lack of knowledge…My people God did not say the gentiles perish because they have already perished, but my own people that I have redeemed do not have the knowledge. God wants you to ask, but because you do not ask that is why all these things are happening; tonight is the night of liberty for your life, financial liberty in the name of Jesus Christ.
Ecclesiastes 10:19…”A feast is made for laughter, and wine for merry, but money answer everything”…Money answers every material things,God wants you to ask; when you desire a thing, do not meditate on it but ask the Lord. Psalm 20:4…..May He grant you according to your heart’s desire and fulfill all your purpose….Your heart desire?, but you have to speak…Psalm 21:2….”You have granted the desire of his heart and not withheld the request of his lips”….The lips means that you speak, God wants you to speak …..Matthew 7:7….Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find…..

Principles of having financial breakthrough:

(1) God wants you to ask:

 Many of us grumble and complain,we are not asking God;sometimes we ask in anger. Some people are angry with God and with themselves, they question, challenge and criticize God. We ask God why because we are too comfortable with Him and tend to dishonor Him. God wants you to ask, He has  power to do it for you, what He has in store for you is greater than what you have for yourself…..Jeremiah 33:3…..”Call unto me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things that you do not know”….Majority of us do not understand that we are nothing before God, God makes us to be something ..Psalm 8:3-4…..When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers……We are nothing before God, He is mindful of us and He visits us because He loves us. God wants you to ask,because He is the God of restoration.

(2) God wants you to have faith in him:

He wants you to have faith in him that He can do it and turn situation around…2 Kings 7:1….thus says the Lord tomorrow about this time, a sear of fine flour shall be sold…..Tomorrow about this time God will recover all your loses, your stolen blessings shall be recovered; what is worrying you shall receive divine intervention; tomorrow about this time God will change your position; He will elevate you, power will change hand for you; tomorrow about this time there shall be transformation; something great will take place in the name of Jesus. I prophesy there shall be a divine breakthrough, tomorrow about this time your income will change, your turn over will change, your profit will change for better, you will increase financially, tomorrow about this time there shall be divine connection, heaven will announce you, great things will come to you, anointing will flow in your life, you shall be recovered, you shall be discovered, your loses shall be recovered,in the name of Jesus. To have faith in God is to trust him, trusting God for miracles, blessing, prosperity, trusting God for new a beginning.
(3) God wants you to give:
One of the reasons that God will open heavens for us is to give. God himself gave; when you give God knows that you love him. When you give you are provoking heaven; because we do not know the law of giving, we are unable to get the opportunity of receiving. It is more blessed to give than to receive. Proverb 3:9……Honor the Lord with your possessions, with the first fruits of your increase……Are you believing God for miracle?, for financial breakthrough? God says “GIVE” He said try me and see if I will not open the windows of heaven. When you give there shall be showers of blessings. One of the laws of blessing is to give, when you give God blesses you; because Abraham was determined to offer Isaac as a sacrifice the Lord said to him ”by Myself I have sworn to you”….. Genesis 22:15-18. Elisah said “where did it fall” he cut a stick?;
In the time of Moses… Exodus 15:22-25….When Moses got to river Marah (bitterness) God showed him a tree, he cut the tree and threw it into the river and the river became sweet. Every time we talk about a tree or stick, Jesus Christ made us understand the true meaning…. He said in John 15:1 ….”I am the true vine and my Father is the vinedresser.” So the tree is Jesus Christ, when it enters into any place, any house that has been turned upside down, He makes it better; when Jesus enters into any business that the enemies had consumed, Jesus transforms the business. In the time of the children of Israel it was Moses who put the stick into the river; in the time of Elisha, it was Elisha that threw the stick into the river and the ax came back; your life that the enemies had made bitter shall be made sweet in the name of Jesus Christ. In your own time, you stand as Moses of this time and I present Jesus Christ into your life right now, Jesus that can never fail, the power that can never fail, I present Jesus Christ into your business,your household,career,your journey,into your educational life, into your marriage, let your bitter life turn into sweetness;….. No more borrowing, no more lack, no more hardship, no more financial dryness in the name of Jesus…Amen
You must ask God, you must have faith,…..Psalm 22:4…Our fathers trusted in you, they trusted and where delivered…. God wants you to trust and have faith in Him. Do what God instructs you to do because he is the owner of your life,He knows the source of your problem and he knows the solution He wants to give.We should know how to give, If we do not pay your tithes, how do we expect God to multiply us; when you do not pay your tithes, it means that the fruit the Lord gave you, you ate the fruit and the seed inside it, so you have destroyed the generation. The tithe you pay is the expectation of another harvest to come……
Apostle Matthew Oluwajoba
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