“Even if anyone survives that flood, can he swim for 150days?..let us learn from the destruction of the first world………… Genesis 2:4-6&8

 Even if anyone survives that flood can he swim for 150days, can he live for 150days, without eating or be on top of the water for that long? “No”;then on that day, God released the water where the earth stood; so everything will melt away, but the Lord gathered it together, making us to understand that we need to know who God is….Genesis 7:11….the rain started in  February and ended on the 17th day of July making it a total of 150days before the water started to decrease…..Genesis 8:1-22….they were in the ark for 240 days and the top of the mountain could be seen.
Noah first sent the raven, but the raven did not come back then he sent out the dove, and the dove came back; The raven did not come back, because it is a selfish bird that only thinks about itself only; “God is speaking to us that we should not be like the raven but be more like the dove”; Jesus Christ said we should be as gentle as a dove. Noah sent the dove out again after 7days and the dove brought back fresh leave in its mouth…….1Kings 17:4-6….. God choose the raven, a bird that is stingy and a miser to feed Elijah during the time of famine when there was nothing. When God wants to use people for you, he wants to use your enemies so that they will feel like a fool and will not have no choice than to obey the voice of God.
We need to learn from Haman and Mordecai; Haman was a proud person, he wants to be in the whole realm, he was the one the Lord sent to hold the horse rope and parade Mordecai all around; the enemy that wanted to kill Mordecai, who wanted to wipe his generation off, was the same one that was announcing and proclaiming him as the great man on earth. There is nothing God cannot do; He has sent us to be a blessing to others. The dove came back meaning that, she has no other place to rest, after 7days, Noah sent her out again this time she did not return to him any more…Genesis 8:9-12;…. We must be like the dove, God wants you to be a blessing to this generation; When God blesses you, it not only about you but also about saving and delivering others, when Jesus Christ said he wants us to be like the dove, it means he wants us to influence others in a positive way that is pleasing to God.

Genesis 8:13-22……Noah stayed in the ark 12 months and 10 days, and God spoke to him to come out, we need to be patient in everything that we do; many atimes, we are inpatient and want to get things done, but when we wait upon the Lord, God who brought you inside the ark, is the same God that will take you out. Noah did not know the time the water will recede, that is why he was sending the birds, to give him the sign that the water had gone down, even with all the signs the birds gave Noah, he could not move out of the ark because it is God that shut the door. Majority of us do not know, that it is God that shut us and he is the one that is going to open us, no prophet or pastor can release what the Lord has chained down.

When the Lord closed the womb of Hannah, the Lord was the one that opened it….1Samuel 1:6&19-21…..understand that it is God who created you and he is the one that will make your life better, God is the one that will make you excel, nobody owns your life, nobody has the key of your life, it is God who has the key of your life. Everyone must understand that their life is in the hands of God, he owns your life. Herbalist, witches and wizards cannot take your life, if you belief in the existence of God then allow God to open the door, do not open the door yourself, Noah remained in the ark until God opened the door; While every hope has dashed away, when everyone is devastated that is when God rises, “when the Lord shows up he shows off”……
Noah took of the clean animals and sacrificed them to God, however the animals increased in number because they reproduced. When we stay in the ark of God, we will increase and excel; the ark of salvation is Jesus Christ…..Psalm 1:3…There is a blessing for any one who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly; Make up your mind today to avoid sin, deviate from doing the will of the gentiles, and stay in the ark, because Jesus is the ark. Whenever God does anything in our life, we must do the sacrifice of thanksgiving…Psalm 107:22….

The Sacrifice of thanksgiving can do the following:

(1) It brings forth blessings.
(2) It open doors.
(3) It establishes the covenant of God….Psalm 89:34.
(4) It gives us victory.
(5) It attract God’s favor and man’s favor.
(6) Is made to appease God.

When a sacrifice is made, it causes God to release his covenant; when the covenant of God is released upon you, nobody can break it …..Luke 13:33;…It has never been heard, that a prophet should perish outside of Jerusalem…..

Apostle Matthew Oluwajoba
General Overseer (CUMI)

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