No Looking Back

 John 21:1-17 ………No
looking back means no turning back

In the time of surplus you may not have anything, but in the
time of scarcity maybe that is the time the Lord has appointed your
breakthrough; that might be the time the Lord has appointed your blessing, your
prosperity; And that is the reason why you should not be looking onto what is
happening; what the situation of the country is or what is happening in the
world, what is happening on earth; Your God is greater than the problem
that is happening on earth, your God is greater than any situation, God is
greater than anything, and He is greater than any mountain. Stop underrating
God, stop putting limitation upon the power of God. Whatever He says He will
do, that is what He is going to do.

Situation cannot change what God has
already ordained, 100 billion demons cannot stop you from where you are going
because God has proposed your life for great things, let them gather themselves
together, let them gather together against you, against the program of God in
your life; the Lord said He will scatter them into pieces in the name of Jesus
Christ.  God made us to understand in Psalm 68:1…..Let God arise, Let
his enemies be scattered…… Before God arises, He has already sent His
angels, you have a guardian angel that is watching over you; your enemies have
seen that you cannot be destroyed, you cannot be destabilized, you cannot be
broken to pieces.

 Those who serve God must serve Him in spirit and truth; God
is spirit, He is God, He is not man. John 4:23&24….But the hour is coming. And
now is, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and
truth….. If we want to worship God, let us worship God in truth and in spirit;
don’t look onto God the way you look unto man; man can disappoint but God can
never disappoint; man can fail but God never fails man can crash but God never
crashes. He is a wonderful God; He is a powerful God; He is a great God; He is
the one that can do things and nobody can challenge Him, unchangeable God,
unchanging changer, unquestionable God, He is the only God and He will take
you to the next level in the name of Jesus Christ.

Peter said ‘…’Lord in the
time that we are supposed to catch, we did not catch anything, but at your word
I will let down the net” they let down the net and they caught a great catch,
their net was breaking but no fish escaped, there was a force that held the
fishes together; they filled the first, second and third boat, and their boat
started sinking; You do not know this God; call unto me I will answer you, I
will show you great and mighty things that you do not know; great and mighty
thing that you do not know, God will release his blessing upon you today in the name of
Jesus Christ, my father will release it unto you today in the name of Jesus
Christ. Whatever it is, you have prayed, and it have not yet happened, there is a
reason for it. You have prayed, you have fasted and nothing has ever happened
there is a reason for it; when God’s time comes there is nobody that can stop
the plan of God.

 Saul the king, wanted to stop the destiny of David, but he
could not, he tried and tried very hard…..1 Samuel 18:10&11; 19:11…..Saul
threw spear to pin David on the wall, but the spear went the other way around,
and David escaped twice from his presence. Reason because the one that the Lord
does not kill, nobody can kill it; the one the Lord say will stay, no one can
remove the person; you can never be removed because you are unstoppable like
the wind, nobody can stop your glory; nobody can stop your work; nobody can
stop your destiny; nobody can stop where you are going; there is great things
that is going to happen in your life; you are unstoppable. Every day when you
rise up say I am unstoppable; it is impossible for the devil to stop you; it is
impossible for the devil to stop your glory; your glory cannot be stopped; your
blessings cannot be stopped; you are moving forward; you are going forward; you
are going somewhere; you are moving higher; you have places to go; you will get
there; you have a destination; you have a goal; you are moving forward; you are
getting there, you will get there; in the name of Jesus name …… Amen….

 God is happy when you
are boastful of Him. I want you to boast in the Lord, that nothing  is impossible, when they say they are planning evil against you; say to them….. it is
not possible; when they say you are going to die say it is not possible. It is
impossible for the devil to destroy or take your life away; it is impossible
for the devil to stop your glory; it is impossible for your enemies to stop
what God has ordained for your life; it is impossible for them because you will
get there in the name of Jesus,; God will take you there in the name of Jesus,
a new level, a new ground, a new season, God has created for you in the name of

God does not take anything for a joke, because He says He is
going to do it. Peter said “we have toiled all night, there was
nothing” where there was no fish that is where God brought fish. When you
are reading your bible that is when you will gain faith in God; He has never failed.
When people are mocking you God allows it, because God want to turn your
mockery to advancement; something will happen in your life and to everyone,
there will be a testimony, because God will surprise you in the name of Jesus
Christ. Difficulty is different from impossibility; what you are going through
that has not yet happened, is not that it is difficult, but it is not that it
is impossible; with God all things are possible; nothing shall be impossible
for a believer…..Mark 9:23…Jesus said to him, “if you believe all
things are possible to him who believes.” What you are going through is
not impossible it is just difficult, and when something is difficult, there is
always a solution to it, because God will make a solution today for everyone in
the name of Jesus Christ…..Amen….. 

The Lord fulfills the desire of the righteous…… Even if He does not
want to do it, He does it because you have requested it. God did not want to
give the children of Israel  a king, but when they requested for it, God gave it
to them. Am not encouraging you to do what God you should not to do; but am
saying to you that, everything that you are going through, that has not yet come
through in your life, it is not that it is impossible, it is just that it is
difficult to attain. But that it is difficult does not mean it is impossible
because nothing is impossible for God. They will tell you that it is impossible
but tell them it is possible. I may pass through some difficulties, but that
does not mean that I will not get it. I may go through some hard time, but that
does not mean that I am not going to get it; let me say this to you “all
things work together for good,to those who love him…… God has an appointed time for everything, there is
a time for everything; so when we want to jump the cue God say no, wait am
going to do it for you.

There are three ways God answers prayer;
1)  when you say God do this for me, He say yes
and gives you what you have requested, but when 2)He says no, what does it mean?
It means that He want to give you something better. Hebrews 11:40….. God
having provided something better for us, that they should not be  made perfect…….Something better is for
us; so when you have been praying God says no, because something better is on
the way.
 The third way God answers prayer is;3) He will say wait; it means that
what you have requested is not what He wants to give you, He wants to give you
something different. For example you are requesting for God to give you a
Mercedes Benz and he gave it to you that is a yes. .?You might say God give me a
car, He says no maybe because, He wants to give you a Bentley. But when he says
wait maybe he wants to give you a private jet, that is something different. So
when he says wait, it can take years, months, but it does not matter because, He
will never forget his promises. He said wait because He is preparing something
better for you; something different for you, different from what you have asked
Him; something different is better than anything.

 When the Lord releases his blesssings , you
see it; you say God is this for me? And that is where the bible says “when
the Lord brought back the captivity of Zion, we are like those that dream, you
will just be saying “am I dreaming”? But you are not dreaming it is a
reality.  Stop putting limitation upon
the power of God; it is not be might, not by my power but by my spirit says
the Lord;…… “who are you O great mountain before Zerubabel
for you shall become a plain…..” Every mountain shall become a plain, every
mountain shall be leveled, every mountain before you shall be removed, every mountain
before you shall be up rooted……in the
name of Jesus. We have to take a step of faith in somethings that we are going
through, because God will do what He has promised to do.

3:11…..He has made everything beautiful in its time;And He has put eternity
in their hearts….. Isaiah 40: 31……..for those who wait upon the Lord, He
shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles ….You
will never be weary, you will never be tired. …………Luke 5:10-&11…Do not be afraid
from now on…? your will be fishers of men……Jesus said “do not be afraid
from now on you shall catch men…..” They forsaked their boat and followed
Jesus Christ; suddenly the master died for us, and He resurrected on the third
day. As He was resurrected He did not stay with them any longer, He is going to
the Father, to prepare a place for us; and to come back again to take us.

When Peter saw that there was nothing, the master was not
around, the net he abandoned; he said “am going fishing.” Things he
had never said in three and half years. Situation will come, trial will come,
that will make us to think of doing what we have abandoned before. But I want
to say to you “no turning back.” It is better for us to die than to
return back to the world. There was no money any, they did not even know how to
feed themselves; they had forgotten that Jesus said to them in Acts ….”wait
tarry in Jerusalem till the promise of the Father comes.”… Because the promise
will come not many days to come….. Instead of them tarry, pray, they were
fishing. When we come to God, we need to drop everything; everything that we have should be
dropped;we are not taking it back again. We will not pick it up again, because
they were bad, that is why we dropped them; and the Lord has taken it out of us,
we are not going to take it back again in the name of Jesus….Amen.

We are not turning
back; we are not going back to the world. That we will not fall into trial, is a
lie but when we fall, looking onto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.
We will enter into a situation that there will be nobody to call into, you are
all alone, but God says “when you are alone, and you are passing through
waters, I will be with you, and through rivers, it will not overflow you, when
you pass through fire it will not burn you, neither shall you be scald by it
flames, because you are precious in my sight. And I have loved you, you have
been honored, and I will make man in your place, you will not die “Isaiah
43:2… There shall be no death for you in the name of Jesus; whatever arrow
they are shooting, back to sender in the name of Jesus…..Amen.

Whatever arrow they are
shooting it must go back to them in the name of Jesus;because you have never
planned evil against anybody, whatever evil they are planning against you, they
will take it into their own house in the name of Jesus; they will carry their
evil load. The downfall of a man is not the end of his life. Micah 7:8…..Do
not rejoice over me, my enemy; because when I fall, I will rise again….God will shed
His light upon you in the name of Jesus; God will be your light, you will not
crash in Jesus name. You will not fall, and everyone who falls shall rise
again. God knew there will be difficulties, and He knew there will be problems, trials
and storms in your life, but He is still saying you are going to take it, you
are taking over; things will not continue like this. Power will change hands
for you in the name of Jesus; you will not turn back; you will not look back;
you will possess your possessions in the name of Jesus…..AMEN.



Apostle Mathew Oluwajoba
General Overseer
Christ United Ministries International (CUMI)

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