Blessed are those who have not seen but yet believed………John 20:24-29

When th Lord resurrected from the dead,he appeared before his twelve disciples,but Thomas was not present at that time and he joined them later,they were rejoicing that the Lord God is risen,but Thomas did not believe and said unless I see his inprint of the nail in his hand and side,I refuse to believe so on the 8th day Jesus appeared to his disciples again that was the time of persecution,they were afraid and locked the door,but Jesus enter without having the key to the house;Jesus said to his disciples “PEACE BE UNTO YOU”and Jesus told Thomas to put his finger into his hands & side,then he believed,and said my Lord and my God,let God’s blessing will be upon us because we believe without seeing……………Amen.

God has spoken and we are still doubting him,the Lord said these Generation will not pass away until all my promises are fulfilled upon them………..Matthew 24:34…….Heaven and Earth will pass away but my Word will remain forever……Matthew 24:35….Psalm119:89….Forever oh Lord your word is settled in heaven forever……many people are doubting God today he wants to establish his word upon yourlife so that all those doubt will disappear in Jesus Name……Amen.

When you hear his word today,put your trust and faith in God and wonders will take place in your life because God is faithful and we need to understand that,Man may lie but God is not a liar and he is true to his word;”Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirmed,for God can be trusted to keep his promise…….Hebrews10:23……..God will make things happen in your life,for he who calls you is faithful and he will do it…..1Thessalonians 5:24……Amen

This new month will bring fruitfulness and will wipe off the handwriting of the enemy;Faithfulness means being firm,strong and unchanging,that is who he is? God;never changing God….Malachi 3:6….I am the Lord i do not change,so you will not be consumed you offspring of Jacob…..for Jesus is the same today and forever….Hebrews 13:8……Psalm 90:1 &2….Lord you have been our dwelling place through all generation,before the mountains where brought forth into the world,even from everlasting to everlasting you are God.

Romans3:4….let God be true and every man a liar…..he will surely fulfill his promises …..Numbers 23:19…God is not a Man that he should liar or a son man that he should repent…..has he said a word and he will not do it?or has he made a promise and he will fulfill it?God promises?it will surely come to pass;There must be a shaken for the glory of God to be made manifest….when Ezekiel prophesied to the “dry bones”;He said suddenly,there was a noise like the rattling and Bones and bones came together……….?If you want things to come together in your life then there must be a shaken.

Tell the spirit  and people around you that said it will not be possible that he i a liar;what ever spirit doubting the promises of God in your life i cast it away…..In Jesus name ……Amen;because they will see the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our sight…..Our God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly all that we ask for…..Amen

Peolpe doubt the revelation and existence of God…….because if you doubt the promises of God then you have already doubted his existence?……God and his word can not be seperated….If David,Joseph went through it and made their destiny come through then tap into the same anointing and it was during the despensation of “Law” now we are living by” Grace”…..because God’s Grace is abundant upon you ;you will surely reach your destiny….have you been waiting for the Past 3,7,10years?….Zechariah…..”asked God for a sign and he said you will be dumb until the child is born”;Zechariah became mute,because he needed a sign from God,can God liar?;If the man of God liars?;to you then where your owns dreams error as well….

Every force of darkness and spirits standing against the promises of God in your life be consumed by fire… in Jesus name..Amen…

If people have changed or uttered your destiny God will reserve and restore it back and there shall be restoration …….in Jesus name …..Amen……

Every evil convenant made against my foundation (ancestral curses)and whatever they have buried inside the soil against my destiny i command the earth to vomit it and i break it by the blood of Jesus Christ…..in Jesus name……Amen…..

Whatever they have done with my destiny;Where ever they have thrown my destiny; inside the sea,ocean or lagoon,nailed on the tree,buried in the ground,Lord release your fire and consume it;I command in the name of Jesus be consumed by fire…

Tell the devil I refuse to compromise with my enemies;I refuse to allow the devil to steal my glory, I take back all my stolen glory by the power in the name of Jesus right now…….

As your hands are lifted above your head so you will go higher and higher above your enemies and place your hands on your chest;whoever is planning to kill you or wants your heart to stop working may the Ghost fire destroy them…..in Jesus name…….Amen…….


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