Jesus Christ cried out,”My God,my God why have you forsaken me”…………..

At about the nineth hour Jesus Christ cried out;”My Lord my God why have thou saken me”….when There is no more way,no hope,no road anymore;it means thay everyone will stop there,because everyone will reach that situation in life;because if you are crossing over from one level to another level by his divine power,to the place God has already ordained for your life”you will reach a dead end”especially if you want to attain that level, God has destined for you, then you will reach that dead end in life,Jesus Christ reached his dead end also;During his time on earth;On the cross, Jesus said…..”My God,my God why have you forsaken me”;no rescue…..Jesus Christ is Lord;Jesus knew his father, when he is still with him and when his father departed from him?;what happened there was that, God turned his face on Jesus Christ and he was alone there, for a reason and purpose God wanted Him to fulfill, that was the reason he forsaked him then;atimes we say God has forsaken us but no?… If everything is rosy,and going on well with us and we have money/everthing we need comes to us,then we forget how to appreciate God;so he withdraws everything from us just to test your faithfulness and trial you and because he allows such difficults on us, for us to go closer to Him and God wants to test your faithfulness.

Abraham requested a son from God and he was given a son by God and he was also tested for faithfulness;”Go and offer your son as a sacrifice on the mountain,( at the altar )I will show you…….Genesis…22:1…..”the dead end”;means;

 1)A road ,a part that is ended;
There is no road,no way out of a situation physically;the children of Israel and they got to a place i.e the red sea,there was no way out,they were crying and shouting because there was no way out and if they should return, the egyptians were advancing to overtake them.Whatever you are going through in life,when you get to that level,God has not forsaken you he is with you because he just wants to perform his miracles in your life.When you have used all the systems available to you but yet nothing works out and everything fails…..but God is alive;When they got to the Red sea and as they were crying…….Exodus 14:13….Moses knew his God and said to them…”Donot be afraid but stand still”;that’s God word for you when you have reached your dead end….stand still and see what God will do…..the deliverance he will accomplish for you today….for the egyptians you see today you shall see them no more forever…..for God will fight for you and you will hold your peace….Exodus 14:14….because God makes a way,where there is no way….dead end has no way out….

Jesus must die there was no way out for Him….He was already on the Cross and he had the power to deliver himself, but the power did not come and He had no choice than to agree with God.Many cicumstances in life that we are going through,is not happening because we offended God or our that our enemies are stronger than us “NO” is just that God wants to glorify his name in your life.God wants to perform his wonders in your life because he wants to approve to everyone that he is God and also to your enemies attacking you, to know that he is God over your life.

2)When God stops speaking;
God stops talking, i.e Silences his word for a while and for a reason,when you pray to him to reveal to you the way,God will show you the way and stop speaking because he has shown you the way.A time will come when God will not speak at all…………”dead end means there is no voice”…when you ask God how will i do this?…God will not say anything………God refuses to speak because,He did not speak to Jesus Christ  anymore……….on the cross for a reason…..”The glory of this latter temple shall be greater than the former”………Haggai 2:9….when the glory of God is about to happen in your life,God resist in speaking;..when Jonah was in the ship there was great turbulence…everyone started prayering ….and there was no answer?”because they called upon their gods”?.because the true GOD was not there…for instance
Jezebel was against Elijah and said may the gods strike me and even kill me if by this time tomorrow i have not killed you just as you killed them”…..1Kings 19:1…and Elijah ran for his life but he was not met to run for his life through that time God did not speak until God now showed up himself…..You are going higher than what you are thinking i.e into a higher ground and you get to a dead end that does not mean you will stop your vision,dream,purpose because God’s purpose in your life shall surely come to pass…in the name of Jesus…Amen.

3)When everybody goes against you;
You are alone and on your own, if you ask people for help or question regarding certain things they will give you a “NO”? answer to everything…..when people hate you is not that you bad,and you condemn yourself so much saying “am i bad? nobody loves,i have no friend”…people hate you does not mean you are surpose to be hated,even people around that shouldn’t hate you they do and it does not mean you are bad person…If God wants to glorify his name;he makes everyone withdraw their assistance unto he can show up in your situation in life and his name will be glorified….Exodus20:5…I the Lord is a jealous God…visiting the iniquities of the father unto the children upto the fourth generation /third generation….Deutronomy 4:24…Our God is a consuming fire…;a jealous God..He does not want anyone to share his glory..The foundation of your life is God and He created you,nurtured you for purpose.The time for you to get to your glory, destiny and purpose in life,someone then want to assist and afterwards they will say they made you what you are? “NO not them is God”…that made you so….Genesis 14:21 &22…..Now the king of sodom said to Abram…”Give back my people who were captured…..;but you may keep for yourself all the goods you have recovered”….Abram replied…”I solemnly swear to the Lord,God Most High,creator of Heaven and Earth that I will not take so much as a single thread or sandal thong from what belongs to you….otherwise you might say”I am the one who made Abram rich….am not going to give the glory of God to man, because tomorrow when I BEGIN TO SHINE INTO MY DESTINY …you will rise and say “I made him so”…no all glory will go to God…..because”it is without God not without Man… Genesis 14:15 &16….The Lord told Moses to move forward….why do call unto me;tell the children of israel to go forward..and you should stretch out your hand with the rod and divide the water and the children of Israel will cross over on dry land;Remember you are going to the promise land and you will get to the dead end look unto God not unto Man,cry to God and not to Man,cry unto your maker and not unto those causing the crisis in you life because He is more than able to transform and take you to the next level.

When you get to the dead end;donot weep,cry,cause yourself but just look unto God….if you cry once and He has not spoken but He will surely speak,because if God has not spoken once is just because he wants to speak forever in your life and He will speak on your behalf….God is God and He is not a Man and He will settle you… the name of Jesus Christ…..Amen.
When you are praying for more,that is when nothing comes but He will answer you,trust God for his miracles,blessings and as a child of God, when things like these happen when you become empty financially is just so because God wants to fill you up because God those not want anything to keep you on the surface ground,He wants to take you to the top….when Joseph was still working on the ground God said no you have not gotten to level where am going to lift you up,but he was drown into the pit,he went down and God now this is the time to start, and God delivered him from prison to palace…and i believe that there some Joseph among us today that the same God will show up and you will fulfill your destiny and purpose;whether your family and friends and your enemies like it or not you will rule and make it…even if you are the Joseph of the family….

God wants you to be faithful and believe in Him…..that He is going to do it…stop crying and complaining…..Psalm 37:37…..”mark the blameless Man or serve the upright for the future of that Man is peace”…..Psalm 37:35…..I am young and now old I  have not seen the righteous forsaken or his children begging for bread… will beg and be forsaken.When your Doctor says no way out;it becomes your dead end;then call unto God and He will step in;your judge makes the final rule but there is a greater judge “the judge of all judges”…. and God will show up in your case….Lord i look up you do not let me be ashamed and don’t let my ememies triumph over me….in Jesus name….Amen.


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