. The Lord does not want you to miss your time; He wants you to possess what He has already ordained for your life………
 Ecclesiastes 3:1….To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven…..There is a  season to everything, there is a time for everything, everything has its own time. Ecclesiastes 3:11….He has made everything beautiful in its time…. Your time has come. God said watch out for your own time. You need to watch out for your time; at times your time comes, but because you are not watchful, you are unable to attain it, till it passes by. Watch out for your time; you have prayed, God has answered your prayers; you have fasted, God has seen your supplication and He has come to deliver you; He has come to bless you; He has come to lift you up in the name of Jesus Christ…..Amen.
John 5:1-9 & 14…… was the story of a man that was sick, he was by the pool of Bethseda for 38 years; he has been on the waiting list. In those days, once in a year, the angel of the Lord will visit the pool and stir it up. The moment the angel of the Lord leaves the place, whoever  comes first to enter into the pool; whatever disease he/she has,  shall be healed. Now this man has been there for 38 years waiting for his own time to come; this man was paralysed, he had the spirit of infirmity, and he was there waiting that one day God will show up and deliver him. There is something I cherish in the life of this man, he had the spirit of persistence unto God; he did not give up. According to what he told Jesus, the first year he got there, when the angel of the Lord stirred the water, as he was pushing himself to get there, someone else enters and overtook him before he knew what was going on. This man has the spirit of continuity, majority of us, when we pray one day, and it has not yet happened, we blame ourselves, we begin to complain against God; we start saying that God cannot do it; but this man waited for 38 years……

How many year have you been praying concerning what you have been look for? that you are complaining against God. How many years have you been waiting upon the promises of God? and you say I don’t think God can do it. I want to say to you my God is powerful, my God is mighty, my God can do it, He is greater than other gods. All other God are man made gods, all other gods are Idols, but my God is great, He is the eternal rock of ages, He is the ancient of days, He is the creator, He is the father  and the  holy spirit,the comforter….. God is the one that make things happen, my God has the power to keep and make life; He has the power to destroy, and amend, He has the power to turn your life around, He has the power to change your situation, He has the power to destroy your enemies, He has the power to destabilize those who are standing against you. He has the power to make things happen, His name is Jehovah, He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Our fathers worshipped him and they were not confounded; they worshipped Him they were not put to shame, He is God, He can do it, He can change your life, He has the power, authority, He is God, He is not a man. It does not matter what you are going through Jehovah will visit you. The thing they say “it is over”?; God said it is not over; the thing they say it cannot be possible, God say it is not in His record; impossibility is not in His record; He will do it; He will surprise you…….

This man waited, first year past, second year past another person entered, he still waited; I believe after 10 years his family gave up and departed from him, there was no one to support or do anything for  him; but he believed that one day he will enter into the pool. One day your will make it; your story shall turn to a testimony; one day, you will sing a new song in the name of Jesus Christ…..Amen…. It is not going to be this way forever, one day power will change hands; miracles will take place; blessings will take place; one day you shall be lifted; you shall be liberated…. received it in the name of Jesus Christ. …Amen…Job 14: 14….If a man dies, shall he live again? All the days of my hard service I will wait…..The man waited, he said my change will come one day; this is the time to be persistent with God, tell God ….”I am not giving up, I will pursue my goal, I will overtake, I will cross over….” Jesus was speaking ….Luke 18:1-8……Men always ought to pray and not lose heart…..Those who are holding on to your blessings they have no choice today than to release it. Your blessings must be released, received it in the name of Jesus Christ…..Amen… From 11th to 20th year, the man still waited…….

Are  you still waiting? Are you still there? Tell the devil…. “I am not giving up” ;When God says “this is what belongs to you” ,You must possess it, regardless of what is happening, whatever you are facing in your situation, regardless of what the enemies are saying, you must possess it, because it is yours. You have to serve God with all your heart, all your body, all your spirit, and with all your soul. Do not give up, God will do it, He has done it in the past…for Peter?,; He did it for John, James, Andrew, and Paul, He will do it for you. He did it for Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Solomon, Joseph, Daniel, He will do it for you in the name of Jesus….Amen. A day is coming when your story will change, when your testimony will take place, a day is coming when the whole world will celebrate you; your enemies have no choice than to celebrate you……… Jesus name…..Amen.

38 years the man was still waiting and God showed up; one day He will show up for you in the name of Jesus. It is just a matter of time it will happen, God will show up for you. God can never lie, He is going to do it; It does not matter the report they have received concerning you, we will believe in the report of God. Deliverance, breakthrough, peace, prosperity, progress, joy, testimony, salvation, victory, and blessing shall be your portion in the name of Jesus Christ…..Amen..

Whoever is destined for greatness, the devil tries to destroy but God can never the devil to mess with that person….. 30 years past the man did not give up, I cherish this in the life to that man. Do not give up God will do it, the Messiah is coming. The man made a choice that I will rather die here than to go back home. 35th year came the man was still there, he said “I have made up my mind I am not going back home empty handed; I am not going in the same condition when I was brought here, I could not walk, but I am going to walk into my house .”  On the 37th year he thought he will be able to make it, and the man was getting weak, but he heard something ….”I am not going to give up, I am not going to change my mind”……

At the 38th year, the angel of God came, suddenly the master showed up. The bible said “He knew that the man had been there for many years. And He said do you want to be made well?” The man thought it was still the same story, he said “sir, whenever the angel stir up the water, I try to make it, someone else overtakes me”; The creator of the angels said “rise up, take your bed and go.” The bible said “immediately, the man was made well, took up his bed, and walked”….. Ecclesiastes 8:4….Where the word of a king is, there is power; and who may say to him….. There is no voice that can resist the voice of God; there is no power that can resist the power of God. Jesus said “rise up.” The man rose up and people were looking at him; he did not go into the pool to get his healing; where he stayed, that is where  his salvation came to him. ….Your blessings will locate you this hour in the name of Jesus….Amen….

Your helper will locate you. Watch out for your time, your time is coming, this is your day, this is your season, this is your month, this is your year in the name of Jesus. Daniel 9:1-3……I Daniel understood by the books the number of the years specified by the word of the Lord through Jeremiah the prophet….All what you are going through, weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. So the night has passed and the day is at hand; your time is now. You have to watch out now, look on to the sign and say “this is my time.” Wake up in the morning saying “this is my time.” Acknowledge master Jesus into your life because He is the one that can do it; He is the only one that has the power to make it happen, and that can do it in your life. The man said “I do not have anybody to take me.” Jesus said “you do not need anybody” From today you don’t need anybody to take you there; Jesus has come; your favor has come to you in the name of Jesus. This is your time, watch out for your time; be watchful in everything, and in all things. Blessed be the name of the Lord……..
 Remain Blessed in the Lord
Apostle Matthew Oluwajoba
General Overseer,
Christ United Ministries Int’l (CUMI)

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