THEME: LAST SUNDAY SERVICE IN THE YEAR 2018                                                     DATE: DEC,30TH 2018                                                                                                       EX,10–8–11                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh to demand for the released

of the Israelite from Egypt. Then Pharaoh said to them go serve the Lord your God. Who among you will be going,Moses said,we will go with our young,old,sons,daughters with our flocks and hits.  So we must hold feast to the Lord. Pharaoh said to them,the Lord better be with you when I let you and little ones go,be warn,evil await you. Not so, go now you men. Joshua said to the people (Joshua 3v5) sanctify yourselves; for tomorrow God will do wonders among you.                                                                                                          The children of Israel were in the land of Egypt for slavery. They were to crossed  over to the promised land. But each time Moses went to Pharaoh, Pharaoh will not let them go,even when Moses performed l multiples signs and wonders in the land of Egypt. Aaron’s rod turning into serpent and swallowed the rods of the Egyptian’s magicians.      Cause frogs to came up on the land of Egypt. Cause all the dust of the earth became lice  throughout all the land of Egypt, and so many other signs and wonders.But Pharaoh’s heart was hardened and he did,not , listened  to them, as God had spoken               Ex 5 v1–8  Ex 7       Ex 8 v 1 –19

If the enemies are pursuing you, it has come to a point were the enemies will back up,because their end has come, in Jesus Christ Name.

When Pharaoh decided,to negotiate with Moses, Pharaoh asked Moses, who were those that will be going,Moses said to Pharaoh,everyone of us are crossing over to the promised land. But they are some stubborn enemies who will not let you achieve your God’s given purpose or plans up on your lives.Anyone who is standing, opposing or obstructing the plans of God upon your life shall be crushed, in Jesus Mighty Name.

Beloved in a moment the world over will be experiencing transformational  change of an event that no power can obstruct,I therefore decree that no power will be able to stop your crossing into the New Year 2019 in the Mighty Name of Jesus, You are crossing over the year 2019 flowing with milk and honey in Jesus Name,

There are some enemies that will not withdraw until they die, Anyone who  will not want you  to cross over to 2019, will die in Jesus Name.

Pharaoh is now Satan  asking you who are those crossing over. Everyone of us are crossing over, in Jesus Name. This is operation no mercy. Anyone who will not want you to cross over, we shall buried them in Jesus Name. Joshua means savior, talking to you, Sanctify yourselves,by tomorrow God will do wonders:


  1.          Miracles beyond measure
  2.          A new thing   (1 Cor 2 v 9) “Things which an eyes did not see, an ear did not           hear, which did not enter into the heart of man,what God has prepared for               those who love Him”  God wants to do a new thing in your life
  3. The children of Israel were about to cross River Jordan, Joshua said to them, sanctify yourself                     WHAT IT MEANS TO SANCTIFY YOURSELF  God wants you to separate  yourself from the crowd,
  4. God wants you consecrate  yourself. By tomorrow.God will do wonders
  5. God wants to surprise you.
  6. God wants you to purify yourself.
  7. Keep yourself holy unto God.
  8. Set yourself apart, when you set yourself apart,you disassociate yourself from every evil thing.                            THINGS TO DEVELOP                              Develop a Spiritual sight to see the wonders of God. See beyond where you are Ps 27 v 13 ” I am still confident of this:I will see the goodness of God in the land of the living.                                                                                                           Develop a Spiritual heart.Not ordinary heart, so that you will reason how God wants you to reason.                                                                                      Develop unshakable faith when these three things are happening,Then you will be able to understand where God wants you to be.                                              WHAT GOD WANT YOU TO CUT OFF:                                                              God wants you to cut off things that are holding you back, Whatever are holding back,you should cut it off.May be man or woman. Any kind of things you can think about. Just like David his brothers tried to discouraged him.But he was able to over come the challenges.And eventually accomplished God’s wonders.Whatever obstacles surrounding you be cut off, you will surely over come in Jesus Name.                                                                                                                                         Cut off everything that is tying you down, Power that restored Job will restore you back,in Jesus mighty name. Isaiah 60 v 12–16 Everyone receive restoration in the name of Jesus Christ .Joshua said to Israelite by this time tomorrow,you are Crossing Over. Just believe, He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world.Cut off everything that seems right but has no Scriptural backing.God wants you to cut it off. 2Tim 3 v 5 Holding a form of godliness,but having denied its power.Turn away from this also.                                                                               3   WAYS OF CROSSING OVER                                                                   Crossing Over with good health                                                                   Crossing Over being wounded. Some cross over but could not see the end.            Your life will not be terminated at the entrance of your Glory in the mighty Name of Jesus.                                                                                                                     All those who believed crossed river Jordan without bridges or boat, but the river parted away for them to crossover.                                                                             Sentiment can make some people to miss heaven .1cor 6v12 ‘All things are lawful for me,but not all things are expedient.’All things are lawful for me,but I will not be brought under the power of anything.Delilah was not the original wife of Samson. 2 Samuel 12v14, but she seems like a wife,because they lives together. Finally, take away anything that seems right, but not in according to the scriptures,cut it off.So that God will do a new thing in your life this year,in Jesus Christ Name,AMEN.
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