APOSTLE M.D,A OLUWAJOBA.  A certain man gave a great supper and invited many. He sent his servant to those who where invited to come, for all things were ready.But they at one accord,began to give excuses.The first one said,look I have just bought a piece of land,and I need to go and see it,another said I have just bought five yokes of horses I need to go and test them,and another said I have just married a wife,Therefor I can not come.Then when the servant returned to the master. The master was very furious, and he quickly ordered his servant to go to  the streets and bring the poor, maids,limps,and the blinds.But yet they were still more room. The master said to his servant,go out to the highways and edges bring in more people so that the place be filled up.He said with anger,non of these men that refused to honor my invitation, shall test my supper.  SUBJECT MATTER; Making excuses.Dictionary defined excuse as (1) Forgive or pardon (2) To allow to live or release from any obligations.(3) To explain with the aim of elevating guilt or negative judgement  or melt it.Some people,it has become there  habitual character of giving excuses.Gen2v16-17 God said to Adam, do not eat the forbidding fruit.When God questioned Adam against his disobedience, he was giving flexing excuses.But God did not agreed with him. He was eventually coursed. Salvation was originally made for the Israelite,the children of Abraham.But when they could,nt  function effectively, God decided to choose the gentiles. We are now the children of God defending the faith. Some people are living life full of excuses.                                                                          WHAT EXCUSES CAN DO;                                                                                                 1, It crate room for Unseriousness. A man who is serious in life, will not be given excuses.                                                                                                                                2,It damages an established perfect relationship. Stop all those excuses.                        3,Excuses gives one the spirit of  self righteousness LK 16v15 (He said to them, you are those who justify yourselves in the spirit of men, but God knows your hearts.For that which is exalted among men is an abomination in the sight of God. Anyone that gives excuses all the time ,will eventually become a liar.                                                             4,It crate room for suspicious                                                                                             5,It pave way for generational courses. Abram lies, Jacob lies,Issac lies.It eventually becomes a generational coursed.                                                                                       6,It makes one loose it,s vision                                                                                           7,It  brings dishonor to people of honor Is 43v4                                                                 8,It makes the first to become the last. If we don,t do it, God will raise His people. We need to get away with all these excuses.                                                                            WHAT EXCUSES CANNOT GIVE TO US;                                                                         1,It can not give any value increase into our lives.                                                             2,Excuses cannot bring any justification before God. When Adam disobeyed God, his excused  could not redeemed him.                                                                                       3,It does not make one saint before God .Mortal men might accept your excuses, but God does not see it the same way.Excuses does not make us perfect.  Due to excuses Samson who was supposed to be a Nazareth felled.                                                          Don,t give your position to another person. You are the chosen  generation. For many are called but few are chosen. No one will take your place in Jesus Christ Name. AMEN.

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