The Story in the bible about the Richman and Lazarus;The Richman was clothed in majesty and was very wealthy but Lazarus was poor,hungry and homeless, had sores all over his body and the Richman’s Dogs feasted on Lazarus sore body,because he had no resources to take care of himself and he ate from the Richman’s leftover foods that fell on the ground as raminants; the Richman died,was burried and went to Hell while Lazarus died with his sickness and was carried by the Angel of the Lord to the bossom of father Abraham in Heaven;the question is ?did the Richman go the Hell because he was Rich?;and Lazarus went to Heaven because he was poor?”NO”…1John 2:15..do not love the world and all that is in it, because if you do the love of God is not in him… ;we will not miss heaven in Jesus name..God promised us prosperity and blessing,so the Richman was in the World and “NOT” in God.Colossians 3:1-3…If then you are raised in the Christ seek unto heavenly things……that was the  reason why the richman went to Hell?;….2Timothy 3:12….when people are going through trials,temptations,distress,Persecution,famine in form of unemployment,nakedness in form of lack of cloths to wear,financial backwardness,Homelessness…Romans 8:35-39 then they reject God,God promised Abraham and he fulfilled it in 25years …Genesis 11:31 &32…most of us get tried of pressing towards to our destiny fulfilment due to comfortability,there is no turning back till we reach our destination to fulfill God’s purpose for us;whatever comes our way, we will not be seperated from the love of God,we will serve the Lord.Apostle Peter died and his fellow Apostles prayed for Him and he rose again and did not reject Christ,he did not turn back to his household, but still continued the work of God….Romans 1:16….I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ,Let us declare that I will fellow God, come rain and sunshine,we will renew ourselves and the convenant we made with God.When we pray and the answers doesn’t manifest immediately,we always ask why?,but God knows what he is doing;In all our windstorm and turbulence, God is still God because, He has the final say;We will still stand out with God and never forsake him in times of troubles.I will fellow you till the end of time,even when the situation is difficult I will not deny and reject God because, He has the Key to all the solutions concerning our lives.

“God is the only Passport to Heaven”;The Bible says that all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God……Romans 3:23;It means we are not qualified to be there……Romans 6:23…”The wages of sin is death;but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord” and Ezekiel 18:4….the soul that sins shall die….;John 3:16….God so loved the World that he gave his only beloved Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not die but have everlasting life,….by In man came death and by man came eternal life…..1Corithians 15:21&22…..In Adam all men died but in Christ all men are made alive..Genesis 3:6 &1Corithians 15:21&22…..What we inherited from Adam is death;the word God spoke unto him”You are dust and unto dust you shall return”….1Corithiansit means death came into existences, so people try to be good but noone is able to attain such qualifying goodness.. Psalm14:3&..Psalm 53:3There is none who does good? No not one;.Romans 3:12….Everyone has gone astray everyone on their ways and become unprofitable..Isaiah 53:5..He was pierced for our rebellion,crused for our sins and he laid upon him the chastisement that made us whole;he was whipped so we could be healed.

Isaiah 53:10…It pleased God to make him as a sacrifice for our sins….John  14:6..”I am the way,the trust and the life”..if you are not in Christ then you are in Crisis….We can not come to the Father expect through Jesus Christ…..”As a matter of fact we are need Jesus more than he needs us in his vineward”..The salvation of our lives is only in Christ…..Acts 4:12..Jesus is the only way,only one way not two ways because God is not confused….Acts 16:30-32….believe in him and you will be saved…..for the remission of your sins……Acts 2:37-39.

The foundation of our lives is deeply rooted only in Jesus Christ….1Corithians 3:11..there may be several religion but God is the only living way to heaven….God cannot share his Glory with another….Isaiah 42:18;walk in the light because Jesus is the light…..fellowshippng with one another….1John 1:7..and this is the fellowship the devil terminated because of sin but Jesus Christ redeemed us by his precious blood …..1john 2:1….His blood bridged the gap for us unto God….Ephesians2:14..John 15:13…he laid down his life for us.

The key of life the Lord Jesus Christ has taken it from the devil hand so it means,the key to your destiny; Jesus has handed over to you………Hebrew 12:2…Jesus is the Author of our Life;and every author has a copyright;we are his copyright in God hands;and those that are not are pirates  and pirates have judgemental punishment always that comes upon pirates who are criminals and they will condemned,so shall it be unto you enemies in the name of Jesus Christ..Amen.

Jesus Christ has paid the price of all your troubles,turbulence,trials,temptation and backwards;because you just need to tell your enemies someone has alreay paid the price for me in exchange of all evil thoughts against your life;because you are already victorious,a great king died just for you in victory and triumphed over all things that seems impossible.

Children of God need to let there problem know & understand that?you are a child of God…1John 4:5….whatever is born of God has overcome the world….1John15:13….God already knows those problems will arise and he has already made a way for it…..let God open your eyes to see that there is a way out of you situation”;you will not miss heaven, when the trumpet sounds you will not be left alone …..Matthew 3:17……Matthew17:5..This is my beloved son; in whom I am well pleased;The Heaven opened and the voice of God declared knowledgement of his son Jesus Christ…

Jesus means saviour;he came and saved us from our sins….Matthew 1:21….you shall bear a son and call him Jesus…..Emmauel means the Lord is with us…..Matthew 1:23..whoever crosses over unto God’s side…..then Emmanuel is with them and by no means any evil shall never hurt them…..nobody can be against you…when you going through fire & windstorm you need to look back and say… “Emmanuel is with me”….and nothing can stand against you…



There is no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus;..Romans 8:1…For everyone will appear before the throne of judgement?…1Peter 6….Jesus Christ even went to the dead and preached the gospel to them…it shows the importance of making Heaven…….”there is no partiality with God ;those that sin outside the Law will perish and those who sin in the law will be judged”….Romans 2:11 &12…

Believe in me and in my father also who has sent me;I go to prepare a place for you,so where go,you will be;for in my father house there are many mansions;and if it where not so I will not have told you …..John 14:1-4……Romans 10:9-11…….believe in the salvation of God …..when you confess Jesus as Lord; …….you will be saved……

Matthew 12:31 &32…Every Sin and Blasphemy can be forgiven..except blasphemy against the Holy Spirit,which will never be forgiven but, anyone who speaks against the Son of Man can be forgiven,but anyone speaks against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven,either in this world or in the world to come…… Colossians 2:15..In this way,he disarmed the spiritual rulers and authority ;he shamed them publicly by his victory over them on the cross…..


In all stand still and wait on him….In those days when you pray i will listen;If you look for me wholeheartedly,you will find me…. Jeremiah 29:12-13……..As a face is reflected in water so the heart reflects the real person….Proverbs 27:19……..Romanns 8:35-39;……Can anything ever seperate us from the Christ love?”does it mean he no longer loves us?”;if we have trouble,calamity,persecution,hunger,destitute,danger & threathen with death ;”NO”,despite all these things,overwhelming victory is ours through Christ,who loves us;And i am convinced that nothing in death,life,angels,demons,fears,lack,powers above and earthly,can indeed?; can’t seperate me from the Love of God which is revealed in Christ Jesus Our Lord…………



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