BIBLE READING:  Genesis 38:24-26, Genesis 39:7-9

               Genesis  38:24-26

“ And it came to pass about three months  that Judah was told, saying, Tamar  your daughter- in-law  has played  the harlot ; furthermore, she is with a child by harlotry. So Judah said, bring her  out  and let her be burned. When she was brought out, she  sent to her  father-in-law, saying,  By the man to whom these belong, I an with  child. And  she said, Please determine  whose these are – the signet and cord, and staff. So Judah acknowledges  them and said, she has been more righteous than I,  because  I did not give her  to Shelah my son. And he never knew her again.”


Genesis 39:7-9

“ And it  came to pass after these things that his master’s wife  cast longing eyes on Joseph and she said, lie with me.  But he refused and said to his master’s wife, Look’ my master does not know what is with me in the house, and he has  committed all that he has to my hand. There is no  one  greater in this  house  than I,  nor has he kept  back anything  from me but you, because you are his wife. How then can I  do this great wickedness and sin against God?”

You should understand that God ordained you for a purpose. It  is actually not by  your  color, background you come from, educational background,  financial background, stature,  position etc.  Psalm  89:20:  says  “  I have found My  servant David;  With My holy oil I have  anointed him. ”  Verse 35 says  “ Once I have sworn by My holiness, I will not lie to David”. God ordained David who was just an animal rearer  in the bush for a purpose.  God is faithful.  Psalm 139:14 “ I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”  God has said it  and that is what you are.  Romans 8: 29-30 says “  And as Isaiah said before: Unless the Lord of Sabaoth had left  us a seed, we would  have become like Sodom , and  we would have been made like Gomorrah.’ What shall we say then? That Gentiles who did not pursue  righteousness have attained to righteousness even the righteous of faith.”   Verse 5 says “  For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh but those who  live according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit.”  God foreknows, predestined, Justified and glorified you.  Romans 8:1 says “ There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the spirit.” Do not condemn anybody  because  God created  you for a purpose.  When people condemn, you don’t have to condemn yourself. You are created for a purpose and  you have a purpose to fulfill  in your  life, family, work place, church, community, country , everywhere you are.  John 3:8 says “  The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it  but cannot  tell where it comes from and where it  goes. So is everyone who is burn of the Spirit.”  If you are  born  of God, you are unstoppable like wind. Death  has visited some people once and have taken them away and some survived  it.  There is a purpose for everything that happens to you and whatever you do.  When you are shot spiritually  in the dream by evil people, you rose  because God has been graceful to you. For you to be in America, CUMI or even  some disappointments you have encountered  in life, there is a purpose. The truth is that  even in your disappointments , rejoice in the Lord. Once there is life, there is hope. Joseph left the prison to the palace.  If you are ordained for a purpose, there is God to make it happen. With reference  to  Genesis 38: 24-26, Judah had three sons namely: Er, Onan and  Shelah.  Er married Tamar but  God killed Er because he was wicked in the sight of God. Judah then gave Tamar to Onan his second son so that he will have a heir for Er. God killed Onan because of wickedness too. And Judah did not want to give Tamar to Shelah because he was too young  and for the fear of not loosing him like the brothers. Judah  lost his wife  and later went to Timnah to shear his sheep.  Tamar who felt her father-in-law did not want to give her to Shelah disguised herself as a harlot.  Judah approached her  and promised to give her a young goat but she made Judah to pledge with his  signet, cord and staff promising Judah that the signet (ring), cord(belt) and staff will be returned to him pending the provision of the young goat.  Then Judah went into his  daughter-in-law  and she conceived and news  got to Judah that Tamar has played harlotry and has conceived. Judah  ordered that  she should be burnt not knowing  that he was responsible.  She later bore  Perez and Zerah. That brought hereditary curse  in the family and that hereditary curse was transferred to Joseph by the devil but he resisted it.  You are being ordained by God and  not  those  that brought you into this world.  You need to put generational curse to an end. Majority of the problems you have  was not caused by you. It  is something you inherited. Exodus  20:5 says  “  You shall not bow down  to them  nor serve them.  For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third  and fourth generations of those who hate Me.” Then He said, “ There are some things  that are tying you down which were not caused by you. Something good does not come out from anything that has to do  with blood sacrifice. You have to break generation curse .  Every generational curse in your life is broken and cancelled in Jesus Name. Amen. Both man  and woman have to fight the curse so that it will not be transferred to your children. It is only Jesus that can deliver you  from these inherited curses and they must be over in your life in Jesus Name. Amen. Some  of these curses in your  are:


Some ancestors slept with  their uncle’s wives,  brother’s wives , son’s wives  etc. Sleeping with your son’s  wife  is an abomination before God. Reuben,  the first son of Jacob, was  cursed by his father. Genesis 49: 3-4 says  “ Reuben, you are my first born, My might and the beginning of my strength, the excellency of dignity and the excellency  of power. Unstable as water, you shall not excel., because you went up to your father’s bed, then you defiled it. He went up to my couch.”  Reuben was cursed. Verse 5 says “ Simeon and Levi are bothers; Instruments of cruelty are in their dwelling place.”  In  Abraham’s family,  Joseph terminated the  curses  because he did not commit adultery with Portipha’s  wife.  That is why  in  the lineage  of Abraham,  the older ones serve the younger. Ishmail  has no  promise of God at all but Isaac was blessed. Esau was older but Jacob was favored. Reuben was the first born of Jacob but Joseph ( the 11th out of the 12 sons ) was favored.  In the family of Jesse, David was the last born and favored by God. Solomon, a product of  adultery between David Bathsheba, succeeded David. From the family of Abraham, bareness was inherited.  Sarah was barren. It took  Rachael, Jacob’s wife,  a  long time before she could get Joseph and eventually Benjamin. It is an abomination to  sleep with your bother’s wife, uncle’s wife, friend’s wife etc. That relationship produces disaster, conviction  or atrocities. When this pollution enters  the family, , the entire family is  polluted. If you are not faithful in your marriage, and you sleep about with women, you have established curses. Joseph says  he cannot sleep with another man’s wife. It is wickedness if you do that. People have messed up themselves because if you sleep with a demonic woman,  you are demonized by evil spirits. How can you get a breakthrough if you are inflicted with about 600,000 demons. If  you are  unfaithful  to  your  wife, you are unfaithful to God and you should remember that   he will give an account of  his  wife to God. You should know that your wife is the most beautiful woman in your life.  Malachi 2:14-16 says “ Yet you say, For what reason?” Because the Lord has been witness between you and the wife of your youth, with whom you have dealth  treacherously: yet she is your companion and your wife by covenant.”  Since creation, the importance of man can not be over-emphasized. When God  wanted to raise people  to establish his  covenant, He  chose the man (Adam); When He wanted to destroy the world,  He revealed to a man ( Noah);  When God wanted to  set up  12 pillars of stones as a covenant,  the twelve tribes of Israel were represented;  When Jesus Christ wanted to choose  His twelve disciples, He called men. If you are unfaithful to God and you are calling Him for help, God will not listen to you. Some husbands travel out for conferences  with their girl friends instead of their wives. In some cases, free women are being arranged for them  at their destination. While  their wives will stay at home praying  to God for their husband’s  journey mercy. When you sleep about with women, you  do not know the  kind of diseases they are transmitting  to you . God does not want you to   compromise. Your glory will shine in Jesus Name. Amen. Every unfaithfulness haunts soul. Polygamy has destroyed so many  lines. Our fathers caused it. Some people have one hundred wives.  Jesus has sanctified  you . You don’t have to follow the footsteps of your fathers.


This  almost always demand for the blood of human beings.   Our forefathers  had buried people alive  or  killed strangers  and used their blood  to  make sacrifices or to  appease their gods- all aimed at protecting their children. Just because they have shed  blood and  have destroyed   lives in order to raise their children, the resultant effect is that their children will not excel in life.  These curses are hereby destroyed in Jesus Name. Amen. Joseph said he cannot  sin against God.  It is totally wickedness if you indulge in such a sin. God blessed him.  God blessed his sons:  Ephraim and Manasseh.  God is ready to open Heavens  and  bless you. You have to destroy the generational/ hereditary bondage you inherited unknowingly.


Some rich men in Africa use blood  money  to  send their children abroad  to formally raise them academically.  Eventually, the blood of these innocent souls will be crying over them. The repercussion is that  some of their children   were either deported, dropped out of school  and  some drug addicts. Some families who do not stain their hands have produced  state governors, mayors , senators  and  some have even acquired private jets while   things are not moving  on well infamilies that have shed blood. Some people have killed innocent souls because they  want to  acquire the family land by force. All the chains, shackles, generational, and ancestral bondages  are terminated in your life in Jesus Name. Amen. You shall experience tremendous supernatural transformation in Jesus name. Amen.




















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