Preacher: Apostle Mathew Oluwajoba (G.O)                                                                                         Date: Sunday Service Jan, 13th    2019.                                                                                         Scriptural Ref: Act 5: 12-16.                                                                                                                    The day of  the  pentecost,  their  were in one  accord, not  in  different places. There is power in unity. What we need most  importantly now, is to live in unity. What the universal  church of Jesus Christ worldwide needs now, is unity, no matter the denominations you belongs to, either Catholicism, Methodism,  Lutheranism or Pentecostalism etc. Is time to unite. How everyone can speak about Jesus Christ, not their Pastors or organizations. How denominations can be abolished. How people can be focused about Heaven, not about things on earth. How people can understand Colossians 3:1-3, Jn 10:30,  Jn 3:16. The  Lord does not love a particular race. Either Whites, Blacks, Red. But Jesus Christ loves everyone. 1Jn 2:8, 1Cor 13: 8. Love never fails.  Jn 15: 13, Jesus laid out His life for US, for the Whole World, not for  certain people, nor for some tribes, nor for some  sections. There are so much Segregation, in the christendom of nowadays. Discriminations, even, they are tribalism in the Church of today. The devil knows that, there’s power in unity. If every families should unite together in 2019, you  will see the greater importance things that will take place in our lives this year. When you are United with your spouse, you will realize how much time you have wasted, for living in disunity. You  must have been struggling, working very hard, but nothing  really much has changed or happened,  despite all your efforts. But  only ONE thing is  needed in your family, to  be  in Unity. Let the mother, father and children be in unity.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else has done against you, forgive them, and let us all be in one  accord.  And you will see what the Lord is going to accomplish for us this year.  I discovered that when the disciples of Jesus Christ  were in unity, that was when miracles,  Signs and wonders happened. We need to be in unity,  as a church. A church that is in  unity will be moving  forward, far more than their expectations, and will equally expand beyond their imaginations, because they are in unity.  When we’re in unity, we will be able to do what God  asked us to do. Because unity started from Heaven. God created everything with His own words. Genesis 1: 3 “God  said  let  there be light, and there was light.”  And that was how God created everything. But when He was about to create human being, in  His  own image. He needed unity of the Spirit in Heaven.  Genesis 1: 26″ God  said, let’s make  man in Our image, after our likeness.  Let’s them have dominion over the fish of the Sea, and over the birds of the Sky, and over the livestock, and over all the Earth,  and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth ” So you  can see how God made  us through unity. It’s unity of the Spirit, that brings human existence. Our  existence took place through unity of the Spirit. The three in God  had to agreed to create human being. Genesis 1: 28, Gen 11: 1-8,  Isaiah 6: 8  God  speaking about the Father, Son, Holy Spirit. 1 Jn 5: 7-8  Verse 7, For  there are  three who testify.  Verse 8, The  Spirit,  Water, and Blood. And the three  agreed as One.  So it’s agreement that brought Salvation to us.  God  decided to send Jesus, and Jesus agreed, and the Holy Spirit agreed to Resurrect Jesus on the third day.  It takes agreement for anyone to move forward. We must  stand on agreement. We have suffered enough, because of disagreement. The  flesh always want to get it’s own wish. But it’s the  Spirit that  gives life. Jn 6: 63. You must constantly be in the Spirit. Jn 4: 24. Not to worship God  in spiritual,  if God  is Spirit, we must  equally worship Him  in Spirit, not  in spiritual because satan also is in spiritual.  You  must be in Spirit.  All what you need is agreement, the kingdom of darkness will be in problem.                                                                                                                                               POWER OF UNITY, WHAT DOES IT BRING:                                                                                              1, Standing in agreement, brings down the glory of God. What is making anyone to move forward in life, from minimum to maximum, is  the glory of  God. Isaiah 60: 1. If the glory of God is not upon you, you are going nowhere. Act 2: 1-4, Act 4: 31. Life  transformation can  only  take  place through the power of agreement.  Spirit of unity  .  2 Chro 5: 13-14. Two  visions is a division, you must have one vision, for a divine transformation.                                                                                                                                              2, Isaiah 8: 18. It makes it impossible for strangers  (Enemies) to penetrate into the family.  Amend your crack ward. Act 5:13. When  you stand in agreement, people esteem high.                                                                                                                                                                        3,Turn the kingdom of darkness up Side down. Act 17: 6, Act 16: 34-36, James 4: 7, Isaiah 52: 1-10,   1 Peter 2:12, Act 4: 26.                                                                                                                      4, It creates an environment for expansion, enlargement.  Act 2: 1-4,  41, Act 4: 4     1Cor 14: 33, James 1: 2.                                                            Unity is a power  drive, for purpose fulfilling ministries. And  a power drive for purpose fulfillment.  Anyone who wants to fulfill purpose in life, must  be in agreement with your  GOD. Exodus 5: 1,  Ex 6: 1-3.                                              Finally,  be  in agreement with your maker, and you  shall receive a divine transformation, in Jesus Christ Name. “AMEN “

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