There are miracles and there are unusual miracles;miracle is different from magic.Magic looks like Miracles but is not;when moses want to Egypt,Aaron’s rod was cast down and it turned to serpent?,so that is Miracle;so Pharoah also called his own sue sayer’s;his magicians;his witches & wizards;They also cast down their own rod’s;their’s also became serpents;that is magic?,There were many serpents but there was “ONE SERPENT”?; and many rod’s but there was one “ROD”?,;But the rod of Aaron that turned to “A SERPENT” swallowed all other serpents that was made by the magicians that is the difference between miracles and magic;’Magic works for a while and it works to destruction’?;But ‘Miracles works forever and it means the Power of God’;and you can see the “POWER that swallow’s power”;Miracle means what man can not do?’but there is someone that can do it and that is God……..

The Power of God?;that is the Power that terminates power,Power that burns power,Power that consumes power,Power that swallows power,Power that erases power,Power that destroys Power;and that is he Power of the living God.There are somethings in our lives that seems, that it is over but the Lord is saying to you that?,it is not over today.

The Prophet Ezekiel was brought into the presence of the living God……the Spirit of the Lord was upon me,I was moved in the spirit of living God,and the Lord brought Ezekiel to an open Valley and when you talk about Valley?,is a low land between two hills,somepeople’s live, are not just in a plain ground?,but their lives are in the valley.If anything is in the Valley?,it can not see what is around or far;so somepeople are in that kind of Valley……..

When you are in a Valley,you depend so much in the rain that falls from Heaven because, if there is no rain?,there is nothing that can survive in the Valley.Valley is something that is shallow,that is low,something that has gone underneath,down and lower.The life of the Children of Israel was like a Valley and they were dry bones, so the Prophet has not seen a situation like this before and he said the spirit of Lord is upon me and took me in an open Valley and he caused me to pass it by and in that Valley ‘where bones and they were very dry’;Bones means skeleton,before anything can become a skeleton?,it means that, the flesh and skin of that thing must have died,decayed & destroyed;we are talking about ghost,now the Lord is saying that I can make this bones to rise and live again.

The Lord said to Ezekiel,Son of Man,can these bones live again?;Ezekiel said ….”I have not seen this before, oh Lord you know”….You are the only person that knows,if it can be so..because I have not seen something like this before,you are the only one that can make things happen………God has sent me to announce unto you that…..”Today I say dry bones shall rise again”..your lives, that are dry bones shall rise & live again,your business,career &destiny, that are dry bones shall rise again……….In Jesus name….Amen.

This is the voice of God,not Man’s voice,that God wants to do an unusual miracle in your lives;…..I say dry bones shall rise again…..In Jesus name….Amen.There is Good news,your spiritual & prayer live that has gone down, God is renewing it and bringing it back up today..’saying your dry bones rise again’…you have been depressed,humiliated,sad,frustrated,confused & destracted;the Good news for the children of God today….you shall be happy and have joy again;.. your dry bones shall rise again….In Jesus name …..Amen

God wants to do an unusual miracle in your life;….”I prophesy that, there shall be unusual miracles upon your lives….In the name of Jesus…Amen. Financial obstacles & crisis will be a thing of the pass in your life;you shall not borrow to eat and you shall lend to many nations;you shall be above not beneath;you will rise and shine;there shall be blessing for you, on you pathway,from the east,west,north &south;..I prophesy your dry bones shall rise again…in the name of Jesus…..Amen.

Rejoice not over me,mine enemies for when I fall, I shall rise again;it looks like you are dry & falling but you will rise again;The Lord told the people of Israel,even in the desolate land, I shall have people flooded over the land…..’I speak by the power & Authority of God, your life of emptiness will receive the fullness of God’…In the name of Jesus…..Amen.

The Spirit of Revival will touch your; Home,Business,Career,Destiny,Marriage,Children and they shall be revived in the name of Jesus Christ…..Amen……Today I Prophesy that is the end of your sleeplessness,headaches and troubles in life….because you shall see them no more…..forever.

Dry bones shall rise again..and where there is life; there is hope for you because God said is not over yet…you need to prophesy upon yourself,that you will make…you will pursue,overtake and conquer…The level where you should be now is not where you are beccause the enemies brought your life into the Valley and cut you off completely;your destiny was cut off and placed it on the Valley but the Lord said Today you are coming out and your glory will shine again,enough is enough,i am not a servant of servants ;you need to develop a winners attitude and say it with authority to yourself ‘I AM COMING OUT’…i will allow the devil to take God’s glory in my life……because with God everything is possible…… Jesus  name….


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