Proverbs 22:6…..Train up a child in the way he
should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Psalm 127:3…..Behold,
children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward. When God
gave us these children, they are beautiful and wonderful and that is the way
God wants you to keep them. God has never given a bad child or destructive
children. Every good gift according to James 1:17…..Every good gift and perfect
gift is from above, and comes down from the father of light….. God is the owner
of these children, and He gave them to us so perfect. We parents cause the
majority of our children’s problem, is not the way God gave us the children
that we maintain them. Train up a child in the way
that he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it
. God
wants you as parents to fashion discipline upon your children.

There are three important spirits that is always in the life of children
that must be dealt with.

1.      Spirit of imitation: Children imitate us as
parents; whatever we are doing they believe you are doing the right thing. They
imitate everything you are doing; do not say “your children are drinking”; when
you yourself have been drinking. Stop saying “your children are smoking”; if
you yourself are smoking. I understand that they can get bad company but at the
same time, charity begins at home. If you do not need children, do not ask from
God; and if God has given you children and you do not need them go and deliver
them to the welfare home. It is better than God giving you a gift and you do
not keep the gift properly. You arrive home at 1:00am; and you expect the
children to get home on time; the children are looking at you. When you go out
in the morning, they were not there; when you come back at night, they are already
sleeping; at times you only take them to school, no word, no training, no
prayer, nothing. God has given you gift; children imitate and they do not care
whether it is good or bad. Some children are violent because the parents are violent;
whatever we do is what the children will follow. If you as a parent wears a
body revealing cloth, what do you want the children to do? In the bible, all
the wives of David including the concubines are not up to fifty; his children
looked at what he is doing especially Solomon; he had seven hundred wives and
three hundred concubines making it to be one thousand. If you wear mini skirt,
expect your children to wear something shorter than that. Whatever you are
doing you have to be very careful. Spirit of imitation is in the life of
children, and what can take it away is when we change; we have to lead them in
the right way. If you are very violent at home, the children will be violent;
they will grow up in violence. You always curse; the children will grow up in

2.      Children have independent spirit: as
children grow up, they want to be independent; they want to let you to know that
they are 12, i6, 0r 21. However, that is not how life is supposed to be; when they
develop independent spirit, then the spirit of pride will enter.


3.      Children have the spirit of pride: Pride
will give them arrogance; when they are arrogant, they look down on people; and
they will no longer be controlled anymore. Some children we are crying about
today, let’s just look at the foundation. Some people say “I train my children
very well”; but do you pray for them? Beating the children will not make them
to change; sit them down, counsel them, teach them the way of the Lord, and
pray for them. The bible did not say beat your children; but train a child in
the way he should go. It is not about bruising their body, that is how we were
brought up, but I can tell you that is child abuse. There is no amount of
beating that can change their life because at a certain level they will be
adapted to it and will just tell you “beat me.” Have you laid your hands on
your children, have you prayed for them? How many times in a month or year have
you fasted concerning your children; some people do it, but after the situation
have become worse. It is better we lay our foundation now so that the house we
are building will not be shaking. Train a child in the way that he should go,
when he grows up he will not depart from it. God can never give you something
that will trouble you; God will never give you something that will kill you. Majority
of you are so career oriented that you do not have time for the children; their
activities at school, and how they are performing. Do you check their homework?
Do you know what they are doing or what is in their mind? Do you know what they
are going through, or if they are in any pain?


Am speaking
to all parents today, today is children’s week let us take care of these
children. If we do not pray today, we will be forced to pray. If we don’t take
care of these children today, it is going to be a devastating report tomorrow. I
challenge everyone here today, and I say this to you every step we are taking,
the children are watching us; whatever we are doing, the language we are
speaking, the words that are coming out of our mouth, the way we reason, and the
way we do things. At times we feel that they do not know; they know. At time we
feel that they do not see us; they see us. Some children are video camera, they
will not talk when things are happening, but they can record 15 days because
there film will never come to an end; their film can work for even a year. They
will be recording the event, by the time they relay it back; you will say “how
did you know?” but they knew because he was there and because he knew what was
happening. I want you to understand that everything is changing; the world is
changing and you have responsibility to take. If you have 2 or 3 children love
them equally. If God did not support Joseph, he would have been terminated
completely because the father loved him more than other children. Every family
with the same situation in the bible had problem; Isaac had Esau and Jacob; Isaac
loved Esau, and Rebbecca loved Jacob; and there was problem in the home. Those children
were enemies of each other till today, and who caused it? The parents! This belong
to the father, this belong to the mother; if we have separated our family, why
are we still remaining one?  Am speaking
to you today, God is able to do everything; there is no success without a
successor. Every time when you think about your life, think that you are going
to die one day; but if you were to die who will continue what you have labored for.
This is my prayer today, God will touch us; God will teach us; God will lead
us; God will speak to us; God will manifest His power in our lives; and God
will make us to love these children in Jesus name. ….. When you get home read
the whole proverbs, you can use it to train your children. Proverbs 12:1….. Whoever
loves instruction loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid. Proverbs
13: 20 & 24 is speaking about the children. He who spears his rod hates his
son, but he who loves him disciplines him promptly. This is the time the child
must grow to their destiny, but it is in our hand. They listen to everything we
are saying; at times we lie to these children and we say we do not want them to
lie. Who train them to lie? Are you not the person? Our responsibility let us
take the best care of it.



Remain Blessed in the Lord

By Apostle Matthew Oluwajoba (General

Christ United Ministries International
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