2 Corinthians 5:20……. Now then, we are ambassadors
of Christ, as though God were pleading through us: we implore you on Christ’s
behalf, be reconciled to God

This message
is titled reconciliation, God wants you this morning to reconcile with Christ.
We do not have much time to spend in this world. This is the hour of
reconciliation; we have done so much and this is the hour to reconcile with
God. The bible says “we are ambassadors for Christ”; being an ambassador for
Christ means that we are Christ’s representatives on earth. We are the ones the
Lord anointed to represent Him fully, on earth. You are Christ ambassadors but
at times we do not realize that we are representing Christ. Why do we need to
reconcile with God? We need to reconcile with God because we have gone astray;
we have moved out of His ways and because of this, we have to reconcile with
Christ. At times we look at ourselves and say “yes I am doing the right thing.”

Isaiah 64:6….All
our righteousnesses are like filthy rages…… Psalm 53:3….there is no one who
does good, no, not one….. There is no one who does the right thing. Romans
3:10-12….No one does good no, not one; we have all turned aside…… Everyone has
turned aside to their own way. Isaiah 53:6…..We like sheep have gone astray we
have gone turned, everyone to his own way….. We believe that we are righteous.
1 John 8:9……If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and His truth is not
in us. But we will confess our sins unto Him, for He is faithful and just to
forgive and to cleanse us from non-unrighteousness. I want you to understand
today that God wants us to reconcile with Him, you are Christ ambassadors. As
an ambassador of Christ; you are Christ’s agent, you are Christ’s instrument,
and you are Christ’s representatives.

Corinthians 3:9……For we are God’s fellow workers; we are God’s field, you are
God’s building. We are Christ representative. Jeremiah 51:20……You are My
battle-ax and weapons of war. God said “you are His weapon of warfare, with you
I will break nations to pieces; with you I will overthrow kingdoms.”  God said “it is you”; you are the one God
wants to use. Acts 1:8….You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come
upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me…… You are Christ’s witnesses, we are
Christ’s representatives, you are Christ’s fellow worker; you are Christ’s
field; you are Christ’s
building; we are ambassadors for Christ; praise the name of the Lord……..

This year,
look at yourself; that you are not just on this earth, but you are representing
Christ. You have a purpose to fulfill and you must fulfill that purpose this
year in the name of Jesus…… You have to tell all those that are disturbing you
that they cannot do anything against you, because you are on this earth to
fulfill a purpose. When Jesus Christ was to be arrested in the book of Luke
13:31-33……Some Pharisees came saying to Him, “get out of this place because
Herod sought to kill you.” And He replied go, tell the fox that I cast our
demons and perform cures today, and tomorrow, and the third day I shall be
perfected. For it can never be that a prophet should perish outside of
Jerusalem. What he was telling them is that I am not going to die; nobody can
kill me; nobody can stand against me. Nehemiah 6:10-11…..Shemaiah the priest
spoke to Nehemiah, Let us go out of this place because some people are coming
to kill you. Nehemiah said “should such a man as I flee? I am not going to
flee, I will remain here.”  He said you
are just looking at the body, but you do not know that greater is He that is in
me than he that is in the world. Nehemiah said “I will remain here and I want
to see what will destroy me.” You are Christ’s representatives; you are Christ’s
you are an agent for God; and nothing can stand against you.
This is the year, anywhere you go, you will take the possession of the land; in
the name of Jesus Christ…….

 If Psalm 24:1
says……The earth is the Lord’s and all it fullness, the world and those who
dwell therein…… And we belong to God; and we belong to that Lord; it means
whatever belongs to our father, belongs to us. Isaiah 61:6…… They shall call
you a servant of God; they shall name you the priest of our Lord; you shall eat the riches of the gentiles and
in their glory you shall boast. You shall eat the riches of the gentiles this
year in the name of Jesus Christ….. Proverb 13:22…… A good man leaves inheritance
to his children’s children, but the wealth of the gentiles are stored up for
the righteous. God will transfer the wealth of the gentiles to you, this year,
in the name of Jesus Christ….. You are Christ’s representatives nobody can
terminate your life, you are Christ’s representatives, you have purpose to
fulfill, nobody can cut you short, nobody can destroy you. They did not give
you life and he who does not give life, cannot take life. So you are standing
this year to take possession of your possessions; you are standing this year to
overtake; to pursue your goal; you are standing this year to overthrow every
kingdom that stands against your destiny; in the name of Jesus Christ……

You are
Christ’s representatives; let them know that greater is He that is in you than
he that is in the world. Let them know that until God says “it is over”; it is
not over for you. It is not over because God did not say “it is over.” Receive
the power of God, to represent Christ; in the name of Jesus; receive the power
of God to pursue your goal in the name of Jesus; receive the power of God to
terminate the kingdom of darkness in the name of Jesus; receive the power of
God to overthrow the power of darkness in the name of Jesus; receive the power
of God to fulfill your destiny this year, in the name of Jesus…..Praise the
name of the Lord. Let them know that your God is with you. It said “they may
know that our God is a great God.” Job 14: 14…..If a man dies, will he live
again? All the days of my hard service I will wait until my change comes. Your
change will come this year, in the name of Jesus…..What I want you to know is
that you belong to Christ; so this year, according to Philippians 4:13……You can
do all things, through Christ you strengthens you. When they say “this thing is
difficult”; tell them that it is not difficult. Because I can do all things
through Christ you strengthens me. Let them know that you are a representative
of Christ; let them know that you have a purpose to fulfill; in the name of
Jesus Christ…… Those who have been disturbing you in your dream, this is the
year of their termination. I speak in the name of Jesus, those who want you to
die, this is the year of their transition in the name of Jesus Christ; I issue
their spiritual obituary this hour in the name of Jesus; I issue their death
certificate in the name of Jesus Christ…… You will serve the Lord in the name
of Jesus Christ……

23:25…..You shall serve the Lord your God, and He will bless your bread and
your water. And I will take sickness away from the midst of you. God will take
sickness out of the midst of you; sickness will not touch you; sickness will
not come to your family; in the name of Jesus Christ.….. You are Christ
representatives; you are representing the glory of God. Say “this year I will
represent Christ fully, and his glory will shine upon me” in the name of Jesus
Christ…. The bible says.” You are Christ’s representatives; you are Christ’s
you are Christ field; you
are Christ follower workers.”
All what is happening now is happening because God is taking
you somewhere. The word of God made us to understand that the Philistines
envied father Isaac in Genesis 26:13-16…..The man began to prosper and
continued prospering until he became very prosperous. He had large number of
servants and flocks. And the Philistines envied him. In verse 16 Abimelech said
“go away from us, for you are mightier than we.” Right from verse 15, they
quarreled with him and took away the well his father dug; he moved forward in
verse 17 dug another well and they took it from him again. As they are covering
the well, he moved forward. They did not know that the evil they are doing
against him; is to push him to his destiny.

50:20…..But as for you, you meant evil against me; but the Lord has meant it
for good. Genesis 26:26-27… Abimelech, Phichol, and one of his friends; came
to Isaac. And Isaac said to them “why have you come to me, since you hate me
and have sent me away. But they said “we have certainly seen that the Lord is
with you.” They sent him away, but they came back to him. Those who have disdained
you this year, those who have belittled you, those who have looked down on you,
those who have dishonored you; they are coming back; in the name of Jesus….I
speak in the name of Jesus they are coming back to honor you. Today is the day
of thanksgiving, they are coming back; those who said “there is nothing good
that can come out of your Nazareth”; they are coming back to bow to you, in the
name of Jesus……John 1:45-47….. We have seen Jesus Christ of Nazareth; whom
Moses and other prophets wrote about. And Nathanael said “can anything good
come out of Nazareth?” this year they will come and see the glory of God in
your life;   they will come and see the miracle of God in your
life. I speak in the name of Jesus……

 Genesis 37:20….The brothers of Joseph said “we
shall see what will become of his dream”; but the dream of Joseph came to pass.
Your dream will come to pass; you are Christ representatives. People say “they
will not bow down for him” they bowed down for him when they saw him in his
glory. Genesis 42:6…..Joseph was governor in Egypt and his brothers came; when
they saw him; they bowed down before him with their faces to the earth for him.
And that is what is going to happen; let me say to you; some surprises will
take place this year. Those who have disdained you, they will cut themselves
off; those who said that nothing good will come from you; they will bite their
fingers in regret; in the name of Jesus….Those who have departed from you, the
Lord will write them off in the name of Jesus Christ…. Let me say this to you; when
people say they have departed from you; God himself will write them off. This
is the end of war, end of trouble; end of pain, end of sorrow; end of weeping,
end of agony; in the name of Jesus. My father will put an end to every problem
of your life; end of sickness; end of loneliness; end of crisis; end of
hardship; end of stagnation; end of backwardness; end of intimidation; end of frustration;
end of humiliation; receive it in the name of Jesus……

If they ask
you what gave you an assurance that you will not die say” Christ gave me an
assurance that I will not die, because I shall live to declare the word of God.”
You are an ambassador of Christ; you are Christ representative; this year you
will witness for Christ. You will go out and you will serve the Lord and preach
his Gospel. You will represent him fully, and all your enemies will crash to
pieces; in the name of Jesus….. The pit they dug for you, they will enter it;
the smear they made for you, it will catch them. In the name of Jesus, you will
be set free; put your hands together for Jesus Christ…..God will catapult you
to the next level in the name of Jesus…Praise the Lord…. If we begin to
represent Christ, he is ready to fulfill it for us; because if the kingdom of
this earth could take care of their own ambassadors; how much more the highest
kingdom; the kingdom of heaven, whose head is God. He will give unto us more
than this earth can give us. Praise the name of the Lord with me…… if you are
representing Christ, He takes care of you, everything is free. When Adam was
representing God, God put him into the Garden of Eden. He was not the one who
built it; God built it for him; because he was representing God. This is the
time to represent Christ; if you represent Christ you will not be crying; I may
not have surplus but the Lord has never put me to shame.

As a
representative and ambassador of Christ, God wants you to defend His law. Every
ambassador defends the law of his country. God wants you to defend his law and
defend Him. To defend His law means to defend the integrity of heaven. The integrity
of heaven is holiness; you can never defend the integrity of heaven if you
yourself do not have integrity. You can only give what you have; if you do not
have the word of God, how can you preach it. You can only preach the word of
God because you have the word of God. You are Christ representatives, so you
have to serve God with all your life. If American can protect their citizens,
God can protect more about His citizens. Remember we are the citizen of heaven
because the bible made us understand in Hebrews 13:14…..For here we have no
continuing city, we seek the one to come. Philippians 3:20…..For our
citizenship is in heaven….. You may be an American citizen, but the greatest
citizenship is heaven; praise the name of the Lord with me..….. You have to
defend Christ today. This year defend His integrity; the integrity of heaven is
holiness.  Exodus 19:6…..You shall be a
kingdom of priest unto me, a holy nation. These are the words you shall speak
to the children of Israel. Leviticus 11:44 & Leviticus 20:7…Consecrate
yourself, be holy unto me…… Leviticus 20:26…..You shall be holy to Me, for I your
God is holy…… Matthew 5:48…..You shall be perfect, just as your holy father is
in heaven. This is a year of perfection; Psalm 138:8…The Lord will perfect that
which concerns you…… You are representing Christ; keep yourself holy; there is
no short cut. If we will not do the will of God, we will not get the blessing
of God. We can only have the blessing of God because we do the will of God. Psalm
66:18-19…..If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me. In verse
19…..But God has heard me….. Why did He hear me? Because I have surrendered to

This is the
time to sever God let us reconcile with God this morning. Let us remove every
bitterness and anger in our heart. You cannot do thanksgiving today, and
tomorrow you are fighting your neighbor.  God said if you have an offering and you want
to drop it; and realized that you have problem with your brother/sister. He
said “do not drop your offering, you first go and reconcile, then after that
you come and drop your offering.” Some people are wondering why their prayers
are not answered; if you have problem with anybody go and settle it. This church
is a church of peace and holiness; holiness must dwell in this church; in the
name of Jesus Christ….. It is my prayer that God will connect everyone; some
people have written themselves off, do not write yourself off. Wait upon God;
whatever God tells you to do, do it and you will see the result of it. When a
man’s way pleases God, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him. I always
ask God, whatever will disturb me from my blessings; take it away from me. It is
better for you to go young, than for you to live old and live a useless life.

We that are
representing Christ, have to be very careful, because if we make anybody to
stumble heaven will not forgive us; because some people trust us so much.
Hebrews 10: 31…..It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of God. This year
live your life for Christ and see what is going to be the result. Let’s try to
live in peace and reconcile with Christ. All those you have hurt, go and talk
to them, and make them happy. Do not be a person that makes people sad, become
a person that make people happy; because when you make people happy you also,
will be happy. May God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ……..

Remain Blessed in the Lord
By Apostle Matthew Oluwajoba (General Overseer)
Christ United Ministries International (CUMI)

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