Joshua 5:13…….And it came to pass, when Joshua was by Jericho, that
he lifted his eyes and looked, behold, a man stood opposite him with His sword
drawn in His hand. And Joshua went to him and said “are you for us or for our

We have a lot of
commander in the bible, but the only one that had been a great commander; and
is the commander of the army of God; is Jesus Christ. The man that Joshua saw,
by Jericho was Jesus Christ; but because He had not yet been revealed, in the
flesh; he was like an angel, that is why they called him a Man. Jesus Christ is
the Commander of the army of God; Jesus Christ is the one Commanding the whole
heaven; God has delivered everything into His hands. Praise the name of the
Lord with me………

This year as we are
crossing over, I want you to understand that God has something great to offer
you. The children of Israel, after crossing the Jordan, were by Gilgal, where
God rolled away their reproach. Joshua 5:9…..The Lord said to Joshua “today, I
roll away the reproach of Egypt from you……” Is there anyone here that is still
with reproach? If there is anyone here that the enemies have put some kind of
shame into, Jesus has come today to roll away your reproach. Every reproach is
rolled away today in the name of Jesus Christ……

The bible said “Joshua
was by the Jericho”; after crossing the Jordan, they were already in the Promised
Land, but they have not yet been able to conquer the Promised Land. Jericho
must be defeated in other to say “yes we have fully entered.” Jericho before
you today, is 31st of December, some people have seen today, but
they will not see tomorrow; some people will see tomorrow but they will not
crossover; few minutes or hours to crossing over some people will die. We are
going to demolish this Jericho, and we are going to crossover today into the
Promised Land in the name of Jesus……

I am so optimistic that
we are going to crossover; I have that confidence in the Lord that we are going
to crossover. You will crossover in the name of Jesus Christ…… You are not just
crossover; you are crossing over in other to take over. Let me say this to you,
one thing is to cross; another thing is to crossover; one thing is to
crossover; another thing is to take over. Not everyone that crossed the red sea
possessed the land; some crossover because the mixed multitude also followed
the children of Israel, when they were crossing. Exodus 12:38……a mixed
multitude also, followed the people…. Now they crossed over, but because they
did not believe, they were unable to take over the land; because majority of
those who crossed over did not reach to the Promised Land. You will get to the
Promised Land, in the name of Jesus…….

I am not only
particular about you crossing over; I am particular about you taking over the
land. When you take over, that is when you silence financial dryness in your
life; when you take over is when you can be boastful of millions in your
account; when you take over is when you can see that you are in good health;
when you take over is when you can silence all your enemies; when you take over
is when nobody can be able to stand against you; when you take over is when you
will not lack of any good thing. Say “I
am crossing over, in order to take over in the name of Jesus
.” By the authority
of God you are going to crossover, and you are going to take over. You will
take over the land; you will possess the land; you will eat the fruit of the
land; you will eat the produce of the land; you will take over in the name of
Jesus Christ…… Praise the name of the Lord.

When God said in John
3:3&5…..Assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see
the kingdom of God. In verse 5 it says unless one is born of water and the
spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. To see is different from to enter.
Some people will see the kingdom of God, but they will not enter; but my own is
that I will see it and I am going to enter. You will crossover and you are
going to takeover in the name of Jesus. This period of the year, the Lord
releases His angels to the earth; and the angels that He release to the earth,
are working for His children. So whatever you do now counts and it is very
important. If you are cursing they may say Amen to your curse; if you are
blessing, they will say Amen to your blessings. This is the hour of prayer;
this is the time many people will be at the mountain praying because they know
that if they pray God will answer. God will answer your prayer in the name of

If we want to crossover
and takeover; the bible said “Joshua was by the Jericho.” Joshua 6:1….Now
Jericho was securely shut up because of the children of Israel; none went out,
and none came in. when they knew the children of Israel were coming, they closed
the gate; do you know that some problem are happening, just because of you. The
reason, why the devil can cause a plane to crash; a boat to capsize; is because
of the child of God that is inside. One thing is that God always delivers His
own children; that is why He said “when you pass through water, I will be with
you. Through rivers, it will not overflow you; and when you pass through fire,
it will not burn you, neither shall you be scorched by the flame” Isaiah 43:2.
When you pass through fire, fire will never burn you in Jesus name…… Standing
by the Jericho, which was a fortified city; but the man stood by Jericho, knew and
believed that they were going to take over Jericho. It means preparation; God
wants you to prepare yourself for crossing over. Preparation must be made just
now; I want you to be prepared.

God wants you to be
prepared which means to be sanctified; God wants you to move with Him.  Jesus the great Commander that is leading us;
and we have to be like Him. The bible says “the hour is coming now it is, when
the true worshipper will worship God in spirit and truth; for the Lord seeks
such to worship Him”; John 4:23. God wants us to move in the spirit; you have
to prepare yourself that I am crossing over. Crossing over means that God wants
you, to sanctify yourself. Job 14:4…..Who can bring a clean thing out of an
unclean? No one! You cannot bring something good, from something bad; a good
tree can never produce a bad fruit and a bad tree cannot produce good fruit.
God wants you and I to sanctify ourselves.

Your preparation is to
sanctify yourself; that you do not allow anything of sin, to touch you. Psalm
66:18…..If I regard iniquity in my heart, God will not hear me. Proverbs
28:13…..He who covers his sin will not prosper, but whoever confesses and
forsakes them will have mercy. All what we need now is mercy; God wants to take
you to the next level; to a higher ground, but He wants you, to sanctify
yourself. Galatians 5:16….I say then: walk in the spirit, and you will not
fulfill the lust of the flesh. This is the time to sanctify yourself; we have
to walk in the spirit this New Year. What God say do not do; don’t do it; we
have to keep the commandments and laws of God; we have to do the right thing
and we will see the result. I have moved with God and I know God answers
prayer. I know that God is good; He is wonderful, God has never owed anyone
anything. We are behind because of what we are doing; God has never created
anyone to be behind; God has never created anyone to be servant of servant; God
has never created anyone to be in poverty; God has never created anybody to be
in pain; God has never created anybody to be in trouble; God has never created
anybody to always be inside the storm of life. The storm of life may come, but
you have to overcome it; and after you have overcome it, it is over. Jesus went
to the cross once for us; He did not go to the cross twice, but we have been
suffering, every day; that is not the portion of God for us. We have been
afflicted so much, but that is not the portion of God for us. Proverbs 16:7…..When
a man’s ways please the Lord; He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.
If money becomes your enemy; it has to be at peace with you, because your ways
pleases God; wealth, and riches of the gentiles will come to you; prosperity
will be looking for you; and blessing of God will locate you because your way
pleases God. Receive the blessings of God in the name of Jesus…….

Galatians 6:7…..Do not
be deceived; God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also
reap. We cannot be sowing iniquity and be expecting righteousness; God wants us
to free ourselves. Get yourself out from whatever will make the devil to say “it is not possible.”  1 Peter 3:13-15…..Who is the one who will
harm you if you have become the followers of what is right …….Do not be afraid of
their threat because when they are cursing you, you are blessed; in the name of
Jesus Christ…. verse 15 says “sanctify the Lord God in your spirit and in your
heart”; God wants you to be sanctified. Preparation for crossing over is to
sanctify ourselves. When Jesus Christ was dinning with the tax collectors and
everybody was criticizing Him, saying “why is he eating with the unbelievers,
with the sinners.” Matthew 9:13….Go and learn this, I desire mercy and not
sacrifice; for I have not come because the righteous, but for the sinners to
come to repentance. Jesus came because of me; I am a sinner and I used to do
all kinds of things; but He came to this world; He died for me; and He redeemed
me from the power of death, He redeemed me from the power of sin; He sanctified
me and He gave me His words, so that I can preach His gospel to this generation.
Who am I to preach the gospel of Christ, if the Lord has not sent me? Who am I
to be in the presence of God, if He had not  
sanctified me? Who am I to command the devil if Jesus is not with me;
who am I to do the work of God if He has not sanctified or sent me. He has sent
and sanctified you; He has called you; He has glorified and justified you; and
that is why you can do it. Romans 8:29-30……For whom He foreknew, He also
predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn
among many brethren……… He has justified us, because He called us; He has
justified and glorified us; somebody shout alleluia……..

Isaiah 54:17…..No
weapon fashioned against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises
against you in judgment you shall condemn….. I may not be righteous but the
Lord has made me righteous; you might not be righteous, but the Lord has made
you righteous, so prepare yourself to cross over.  We are crossing over in other to take over in
the name of Jesus. You must change your attitude and you must develop a
winner’s attitude; attitude that no matter how terrible it is, we are going to
cross over. They crossed over because they got to Jericho and they were able to
destroy it. The destruction of Jericho did not come until the commander of
God’s army appeared; he had prepared himself, then the commander of God’s army
appeared. Do you know that Jesus Christ is in the house today?

We have spent more time
in the world; we have spent more time yielding to the desires of the gentiles;
we are not yielding to their desires anymore. The bible says “all things are
lawful for me, but not all things are helpful”; 1 Corinthians 6:12. 1 Corinthians
10:23…… all things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful; all
things are lawful for me, but not all things edify. If everybody goes there,
that does not mean that they are going the right way; that everybody is doing
it does not mean they are doing the right thing. We have to do the right thing;
we have to sanctify ourselves; we have to sanctify our body. We have to do the
right thing so that the blessing of God may come upon us. If Abraham did not
sanctify himself; if he did not do the will of God; the blessings of God will
never have come to pass in his life.  Remember
Joseph, a woman tempted him; but he said “I am not going to do It.” he was
sentenced to prison; he preferred to go to prison than sleep with his master’s
wife. If he had done it, he would have lost it; the glory was here, temptation
was here; and prison was here. Now yield to me your glory will be cut off; do
not yield to me and go to prison, but from prison God knows what He is going to

There is nothing
anybody does to us that can affect our glory, as long as we do not agree with
them. Because there are so much promises of God for next year, I want us to
keep ourselves clean; let keep ourselves holy unto the Lord. I have discovered
that there is nothing that I ever ask God, that He has never done for me. Everything
I ask God, He does it, even if the time has not yet come, He will tell me. God does
things for us, but we have to keep ourselves; this is the year to say bye-bye
to the world. We have enjoyed the world enough; but that is not enjoyment; it
is sorrow. All those people you go to party with are the ones that are disturbing
your life; they are the ones that are backbiting.  You will give them money, and clothes, but at
the end of the day, they hate you and are jealous of you; the condemn you and
say bad things about you. They afflict you and put barrier into your life;
enough is enough; you have tasted the world, this is the time to taste Jesus

We have to serve Jesus Christ;
we have to come to Jesus Christ. Jesus is Lord; He is the only person that you will
follow and you will not regret. We have followed the world; and we have
regretted, we have followed our sisters, brothers and friends, we have
regretted; enough is enough. The joy that is in Christ is greater than the one
in the world; let them go this year; send them away from your life. We will not
yield to them; we are not going to them anymore; we will yield to Christ. Reason
being that we want to cross over, in other to take over. Let them go, fire all
your evil friends; all your unfriendly friends, fire them; because God is
enough for you. Jesus is sufficient for you, you do not need them; you need
Jesus. One with God is a majority. Let the people of the world go, because
their time has ended in your life; their purposes has expired in your life;
their relationship and fellowship has ended a long time ago in your life. Let
somebody say “Amen…….”

Joshua and Caleb were
the only old men that entered into the Promised Land; reason- they sanctified themselves;
they cut themselves off from the world. They did not go after fetish spirit or
after the things of the world. 1 John 2:17……. The world is passing by with all
its lust; but those who wait upon the Lord and believe in the Lord; who depend
and trust in God; they shall abide forever.  Today we are preparing ourselves to cross over
and take over. The second thing you have to do is to open your spiritual eyes
of understanding. The bible says “a man was standing and Joshua saw the man.”
Joshua was not the only person; they had about 4 million people; only Joshua
saw Christ. Open your spiritual eyes to see. If you cannot gain anything in the
spiritual, how to excel in the physical with be very difficult. People that you
are dinning with are the best enemy of your life; even when prophecy says it,
you still doubt. This year you are taking over in the name of Jesus Christ; you
are taking over your stolen blessing; you are taking over your stolen glory; in
the name of Jesus Christ you will live a fulfilled life, receive it in the name
of Jesus Christ….. Jeremiah 1:11…..Jeremiah what do you see? I am challenging
you today, what do you see towards 2013. How do you think the year will run? 1can
see promotion coming to you; I can see your enemies bowing down to you; I can
see problems been solved; I can see you been victorious; I can see you flourishing;
you are going to make it in the new year; you are going to carry out great
exploits, in the name of Jesus. You are moving forward; you will cross over, in
the name of Jesus…..   


Blessed in the Lord

Matthew Oluwajoba (General Overseer)

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