Genesis 11:9….Therefore its name is Babel,
because there the Lord confused the language of all the earth; and from there
the Lord scattered them abroad over the face of all earth….

Genesis 11:1-8. The
Lord said “it is time to set confusion into the camp of those who are
disturbing your life.” I got a message from the Lord that the heavens have set
with all the powers of the highest to come down and set confusion into the camp
of your enemies. God has brought you before Him and He has handed you over to
the master of the universe; Master Jesus has the key of life. He is the one
that holds the key of your life; He is the one that has the key of your future;
He is the mater over Satan that is troubling you; master over your enemies that
are disturbing your life; master over everything; master of the universe and
the master will show up tonight to destabilize the agreement of your enemies,
in the name of Jesus Christ……  

Standing in agreement,
to break the agreement of the evil ones; today’s subject is on the spirit of

things God wants you to agree on:

God wants you to agree
with Him that He is the creator of your life.

God wants you to stand in agreement with Him; He knows what He wants to do for you;
He knows what He has in store for you; He knows the reason why He created you;
He knows what He wants to do in your life. Isaiah 55:8-9….For my thoughts are
not your thoughts, and My ways are not your ways; as heavens are higher than
the earth, so My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts are higher than
your thoughts. God does not want your thoughts to be different from His thoughts.
Jeremiah 29:11….For I know the thoughts that I think toward you,…. Your own
thought might be different from God’s thoughts; but God’s thought is accurate;
unique, awesome, perfect. God says “I know the thoughts I have towards you, it
is of peace and not of evil.” God has a good thought for you; He is thinking
good things about you and the good thing He is thinking about you will come to
physical manifestation in the name of Jesus Christ…. Today everyone will join
me to stand in agreement, because we want to set confusion into the camp of our
enemies. They have to stop the evil works they are doing. Genesis 11:8, last
verse says……Then they ceased in building that tower. They will stop in
destroying your name from today on; they will stop in attacking you this hour;
they will stop in disturbing you in the name of Jesus Christ…..praise the name
of the Lord. Everyone that gather against you tonight God will paralyze them in
the name of Jesus Christ…..

God wants you to agree
with His words
He wants you to agree with Him. Psalm 34:10….The young lions lack and suffer
hunger; but those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing. You have to agree that I am not going to
lack because I am seeking God.
 He wants
you to agree with His words. Psalm 37:25….I have been young, now I am old, but
yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken, nor his children begging for
bread. You have to agree with his word
that I am not going to beg for bread
. You will not beg for bread in the
name of Jesus Christ… Psalm 91:16….With long life I will satisfy him; and show
him My salvation. You have to agree that you are not going to die, but you are
going to live with long life; God will satisfy you. Psalm 118:17….I shall not
die, but live to declare the works of the Lord…. In the name of Jesus Christ…..
God wants you to agree with His words. Isaiah 54:15…..indeed they shall surely
gather together, but not because of me, and whoever gather together against you
shall fall for your sake. Your enemies will fall for your sake in the name of
Jesus. Agree with the word of God. Psalm 68:1….Let God arise, let His enemies
be scattered…. Say “I scatter every gathering formed against me, against my
destiny, I scatter it in the name of Jesus….” The bible said “the whole world
was with one language and one speech.” One of the reasons the enemies are
gaining grounds is because they have one speech but when you set confusion in
their camp they will stop all those evil things; and the Lord will scatter them

God wants you to agree with the
servant of God
. Genesis 1:28….Then
God blessed them, and God said, “be fruitful and multiply; fill the whole earth
and subdue it…” but few people say “we are not going to spread, but be in a
circle” they went against the word of God; they were building, the Lord said “nothing
that they proposing to do will be withheld from them.” Genesis 11:6. I want you
to understand tonight, that is the reason God has brought this. You have to
agree with God; you have to agree with His word; then you have to agree with
the servant of God. You are not supposed to be in this level, you should have been
greater than this; and it is not God’s fault. There are some people that are
responsible for it; and everybody that is responsible for your predicament will
die in the manner of Pharaoh tonight; will die in the manner of Herod tonight
in the name of Jesus Christ……If the Lord did not kill Saul, David would not
have fulfilled his purpose. The moment Saul realized and he saw that David will
take over from him; he started pursuing him. Some people have seen that you are
the ruler of your family; some people have seen that you are the one they will
bow down to and that is the reason they say “no over their dead body.” Some people
join occultism just because of your destiny; they know they cannot stop you, so
they go into the way of the devil so that they can stop you. Do you think that
if the Lord did not sink the Egyptians by the red sea, the children of Israel would
be free? But the Lord brought them to the red sea and sunk them there; all your
enemies will be sunk today in the name of Jesus Christ…..God will sink them.

4:6….My people perish for lack of knowledge. We are His people; He did not say “the
gentiles perish; but my people.” Let me tell you about the knowledge of God.
Acts 12:1-8 the bible said Herod was angry and led hold on James who was the
brother of John; these were the first to meet Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ goes
everywhere with Peter, James, and John, so Herod took one of the 3 and killed
him. When he realized that people were happy he held on to Peter also; this is
how the devil operates. The moment he can get rid of somebody in the family;
then he will go to the second person. That is why you see some women may not be
witches but a mother that is not a witch that has six children, and only one
remains. People say she is a witch but because they lack knowledge. The devil,
when he takes and sees that it is sweet, he goes for the second one. Then he
held unto Peter again, and put him in prison; the bible says “constant prayers
by the saints were offered on his behalf.”  Now why did they pray? They prayed because, they
have lost one of the 3. Some people before they realize, it is too late for
them. If a witch kills you today or any of your children; if tomorrow that
witch repents; Jesus will take her because He said “whoever comes to me, I will
not cast out, no matter how terrible that person is.”  The bible says in Acts 12:  6 &7…About the hour, Herod will lay hand
on him to kill him; the angel of the Lord showed up. Why did the angel of the
Lord not show up in the time of James? Because, there was no prayer and they lacked
knowledge. They just looked at it that James was arrested by Herod, the power
of God is there, and he will come out; nothing will happen. When they realized that
he has killed James; why God did not save him? I see so many people criticizing
and challenging God; why did He not do this or that. God is always accurate and
always just. He said in Jeremiah 33:3….Call to me and I will answer you, and
show you great and mighty things, which you do not know. Psalm 50:15….Call upon
me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will glorify me. But before
I deliver you, you will call. Why did God send Moses? Exodus 3:7…For I have
seen the oppression of my people who are in Egypt, and have heard their cry
because of their taskmasters, for I know their sorrows….. God sent Moses because
they cried. God knows what you are going through, but He wants you to cry. We must
have the knowledge of God; the knowledge of God is the word of God. We
must trust God and believe in His word, and we must get it. God wants you to
agree with Him; agree with His words; and He wants you to agree with your
shepherd. 2 Chronicles 20:20….Believe in God, you shall be established; believe
in His prophets, and you shall prosper. He wants you to agree.

God wants us to agree together.
Matthew 18:19……If two of you agree on anything on earth it will be done for
them……, so husband and wife must agree, friend and friend must agree today,
families will agree today; that there must be a great massacre in the camp of
our enemies. Husband and wife will agree that enough is enough no more death in
our family; nobody will die again, in our family nobody will go backward again;
in our family nobody will face trouble again; no more affliction in the name of
Jesus. You have to agree in the power of the highest; God is ready to do it;
but are you ready? The question now is are you ready? God is about to do
something spectacular in your life; are you ready? God is ready to terminate your

We want to go before
the Lord and terminate the existence of your enemies, because their continuous existence
is causing trouble, pain and it is discrediting God. It is making people think that
God is a liar. God is not a liar; He will not say something and will not do it;
but some people, some powers are wrestling with your destiny, and you have to set
yourself loose today. Jabez’s mother called him Jabez because she believed that
nothing good will come out of him, but he wrestled.  1 Chronicles 4:9-10….Jabez was more honorable
than any of his brothers….reason because he prayed to God. So tonight you will stand
in agreement with God; with the power of the highest, with God’s word, which is
Jesus Christ, the master of the universe. You will stand in agreement with me,
with one another, and we will see the end of our enemies tonight.


Blessed in the Lord

Matthew Oluwajoba (General Overseer)

United Ministries International (CUMI)


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