27:19……As in water face reflects face, so a man’s heart reveals the man…

What is in my heart? You need to ask yourself exactly
what is in your heart; as in water face reflects face. Every man’s heart
reveals who that man is. What you are, is not the physical appearance we are
seeing right now. You may be beautiful in appearance, but your heart might be
so bitter. The question today is “What is in my heart towards my neighbor?”
what is in my heart towards my brethren? What is in my heart towards God?

Cain and Abel were dwelling together; Cain told Abel “Let
us go to the field” but Cain knew what was in his heart; but Abel did not know
what was in the heart of his brother. He rose against his brother and killed
him; the spirit of killing his brother did not just enter when they got to the
field; it had been there before they left home. The bible made us understand in
1 Samuel 18:10-11…….The spirit of the Lord departed from Saul, a distressing
spirit came upon him. Saul was behaving like a mad man; David was playing a
harp to refresh him. In verse 11, Saul took a spear and threw it at David, to
pin him to the wall; but David escaped because the spear went another way.  David escaped Saul twice; when David was
playing the harp, he thought Saul was receiving healing; but there was
bitterness in the heart of Saul. It was not just that moment that he thought of
doing that; he had it in mind to kill him.

What is in your heart? If you cannot be able to control
your heart, you will not be able to control the universe. God has delivered the
world into our hands, but the only way we can control the world is if we can
control our heart. I cannot understand anyone who wants to control the church
of God who cannot control his heart. A man that cannot control his heart, how
can he control the church of God? If you cannot control your heart you cannot
control your wife; if you are a woman and you cannot control your heart, you
cannot control your children. Because if you are doing what is not desirable,
how do you want to control your children.

What is in your heart? God sees the heart of everybody
Ecclesiastes 12:13-14…….Hear the conclusion of the whole matter: fear the Lord
and keep His commandments. For the Lord will bring everyone into judgment
including every secret thing either good or bad. We have some secret things in
our heart, the truth about it is, are we going to heaven? What is in your heart
towards God? You’re coming to church; are you just coming because you have to
come on Sunday? Is it because everybody goes to church that is why you are
doing it religiously? Then what is in your heart concerning your neighbor. Some
people file for divorce and they separate themselves. I realized that some
people right from the time of courting, he knows that he will not marry the
woman; but he married the woman for a purpose, that is conditional love not
unconditional. He married the woman for something, after everything has been
done, then he begins to lay accusations on the woman.

God will judge everyone according to their heart. 1 Peter
4:17-18 made us understand that the judgment will start from the house of the
Lord; and if the judgment starts from us how are we going to cope. If the
righteous is scarcely delivered where will the ungodly and sinners appear?   The word of God made us to understand that
God we serve is a great God. I Peter 3:13……And who is he who will harm you if
you become followers of what is good. But even if you suffer for righteousness
sake you are blessed……..Many a times people will hurt us, people will do so
much evil to us, but do not return evil for evil. If you suffer for
righteousness sake, the bible says “You are blessed”

What is in your heart? When you greet someone saying “you
are beautiful” did you say it from the bottom of your heart? Are you genuine
with what you are saying? Are you faithful to what you are saying or you are
just bluffing? Some people like to flatter people just because they feel like
it but inside them they have some things in their heart. When you say my
darling wife I love you do you say it genuinely or you just said it. Praise the
name of the Lord; God has a purpose for every person’s life but the truth about
it is that what is in your heart?  The
brothers of Joseph, the bible said from Genesis 37:18-20…When they say him afar
off, they conspired against him saying “See the dreamer is coming let us kill
him and drew him into one of the pits and say some wild beast has devoured him
and see what will become of his dream” Joseph was innocently going to see their
well being, but he did not know what was in their mind. What is in your mind?

James 3:13-16……Who is wise and understanding among you?
Let him show by good conduct that his works are done in the meekness of wisdom.
But if you have bitter envy……For where envy and self-seeking exists, confusion
and every evil thing are there. This is what I do not want in my ministry. Are
we deceiving ourselves, are we deceiving people? Jesus is coming back very
soon, it is better for us not to come to church than coming to church, and at
the end of the day end it up in hell. 
Let me tell you what you lose; number one your tithe- payment of tithe
is not a guarantee to heaven. You lose your time that you have spent, instead
of been in the world and enjoy yourself, you lose the reward of that time. You
lose so much money because you put gas into your vehicle when you are coming to
church; not only that, you pay offering and you have some contribution that you
are paying. You could have gathered that money together and build a house for
yourself and live in that house so that you can go to hell when you are ready.
Those who are robbers, those who are witches that kill people, and you who does
not kill but commit adultery, you are going to the same hell. What is in your

 Let these begin to
worry your heart from today; I pray that no heart will get rest from today by
the power of the living God until you do the right thing that the Lord wants
you to do. Judas Iscariot was eating with Jesus Christ; and he had already
consulted with the priest, “whoever I kiss that is the one.” He had the last
supper with Jesus Christ, everyone was there and they did not know that
somebody will betray him. Jesus Christ said “One of you will betray me”
everybody said “is it me? Am I the person; Judas Iscariot also said master is
it me?” He had it in mind to betray his master and was still eating with his
master. The enemies you know you run away from them; the problems that you have
are the enemies you do not know and they pretend to be friends; these are the
people we call unfriendly friends. They have bitterness in their hearts towards
you but they laugh with you. I do not know what people are planning against you;
one thing I know is that if your heart is true with God, and your heart is true
with them no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper in the name of Jesus
Christ. Every tongue that rises against you in judgment I condemn them in the
name of Jesus Christ………..


By Apostle
Matthew Oluwajoba (General Overseer)

Christ United
International Ministries (CUMI)

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