If we want to serve God?,then it should be done in proper order; because there is order in Heaven……………..1Corithians 14:40…….

David said to them,you are the head of the families;the levites and for the first time the Lord our God broke out against us,because we did not consult him about the proper order;If anyone wants to worship God, let him do so in a proper order,because there is order in Heaven,God is the Executive;Jesus Christ architect/designer under God;Holy spirit the contractor; who makes things happen under Jesus Christ and the Church of God under the Holy Spirit.

When Saul died in the battle against the philistines,the ark of God was taken,so when Saul died in that battle and David became King for some years,the Ark was still not in Israel, also not in proper order and in the House of Abinadab as it should be;David now taking the Ark from the House of Abinadab, into the place he has made for it,on their way going he made a new cart that noone has used,the people were waiting in Jerusalem to Celebrate with the Ark,on their way the oxen stumbled on the threshing floor of Nacon, where the Ark was falling;as the Ark fell, Uzzah who reached out his hands; had the Ark held unto his hand preventing it falling;but the Lord struck him and killed him so David was so angry about his death;and said the Lord is not with me why should the Ark be killing people………2Samuel 6:8.

David met evil for Obed-edom,but God turned it to blessing;The Ark of God was in his House after 3years God blessed Obed-edom and his household was blesssed; so shall the Ark of God be in your house and you shall be bleesed…..in Jesus Name Amen………so ‘David inquired of the Lord Why’?,did Uzzah die and God made him to understand that,”it was not done in proper order”and then David asked?how it should be done concerning the Ark of God……..they wanted to decorate God but he does not want that…’Obedience is better than Sacrifice’……..God can not be bribed,no amount of money can bribe God,no amount of prayer can bring your Salvation to existence..’Salvation is confessing that Jesus Christ as your Lord and Personal Saviour…..when we do not do things properly,there is a penalty’….

The Ark was carried in a new cart and that was not how God wanted it to be carried,…always do what  the Lord says….God can never change his words and his word shall come to pass upon your lives no matter what the world is doing it does not change God and he will not lower his standard for anybody no matter how close you are to him because in fact,if you are close to God you should be able to understand the God you are serving…..David was the one that committed the Error and none of family members died but Uzzah died due to his error…you will not be in the camp where you will be implicated& destroyed;anyone that will implicate you, will not come near you in Jesus name……Amen.

Insert the poles into the rings at the sides of the Ark to carry it……. Exodus 25:14…..The Lord gave an instruction on how the Ark should be carried by the Priest i.e Levites?,On the poles?;not on the head or cart or handy…..”so whatever God ask you to do,you must do”…..how you reason if totally different from God’s way of thinking;not our own understanding but we should rely on God’s understanding…Psalm 119:89….’Forever oh Lord your word is settled in Heaven’…Psalm19:7…..The instructions of the Lord are perfect reviving the soul….God is perfect,so is his word.

The time has come when we should serve God in a proper order….1Corithians14:40…there must be orderliness in our community,family,workplaces and most especially in the house of God…Gossiping and backbiting in the house of God is out of order….Sin in the presence of God is out of order,everything should be done decently and in order;The elderly ones should be respected;Honour your father and mother so it shall be well with you and you will live long…if we are ready to serve God,then it should be done in a proper order,otherwise if we have not yet decided,then so be it;but we realize that God can raise stones to serve him….

In our lives,we have biological fathers as well as spiritual fathers,god father; all are fathers to us and we should respect them and do things in proper order. No matter our status in life,rich,educated and influencial we still need to respect,honour and do all things in an orderly manner….

In the House of God;the Church,we should do things in proper order;When there is no order,there is distraction and our distraction comes from disorderliness;….1Corithians 7:35…”I am saying this for your benefit,not to place restrictions on you.I want you to do whatever will help you serve the Lord best,with as few distractions as possible”……;for marriage is marriage and courtship is courtship because whatever God does not honour,knowledge and recognise is an error and even if man recognises it?it is still an error…”Let God be true and every man a Liar”……..God wants us to serve him with no distraction….

How we can do things in proper order?

When we come into the House of God and hear his word;

If what you want to hear is what God is saying, then it means you are equal with him but God needs to tell you what is higher than you, bigger than your knowledge and understanding,then that you will know that ‘yes’, this is God speaking…..God is God because he is God….we can’t dispute it….He is higher than the highest,greater than the greatest and bigger than every mountain of problems….

When we search the scripture;

The bible is in the proper order,it is in the word of God that there is perfection & power;Heaven and Earth shall pass away but “my word shall not pass away but it remains forever”…..because if we know the promises of God in his word,we will realise that we are bigger than all fetish priests…because all power belongs to you…..Greater is He who is in us than he that is the world..God is our Healer..Exodus15:26…only the word of God is perfect and every other thing around us is not.
Isaiah 53:5…He was bruised for our iniquity,wounded for our transgression,the chastisement of our peace was upon him and by his strips we are healed….Exodus 23:25…you shall serve the Lord,he will bless your water and bread and i will take away diseases out of your live….Genesis 1:1…..In the begining God created the Heavens and the Earth…..Isaiah 40:18&25…to whom shall you liken God…&..Isaiah 46:5….Isaiah 44:6 & 45:5…Am the only God beside me there is no other God..Every other god is an idol, that their worshippers carry them about in their bags from one place to another… because they are dead gods……Psalm 115:1…God has deposited great things in you…..and you are too heavy to be carried,pushed,thrownaway by your enemies and you can’t be destroyed by your enemies….you will fulfill your purpose and destiny…Noone will be able to stand against you,because they will crash…you will not labour for another to eat;you will stand strong;when they come against you in one direction,they will scatter in seven directions;..receive the power and anointing of the Lord,it will strengthen you…..Isaiah 8:9&10….gather yourselves together & take counsel together, but it shall come to nothing,reason is because God is with us…

Psalm 3:6..we will not be afraid of ten thousand enemies wha surrounds us…Psalm 27:1-4…the Lord is my light and salvation for whom shall i fear…..
Psalm 127:3…Children are the heritage of the Lord…..let parents discipline their children and do things in the proper order……Husband and Wife should do things in the proper order;leadership belongs to the husband thats the way the Lord has made it……..and the wife a helpmate….A man that will succeed surely he needs a woman to push him to his next level…..
Before Jesus Christ was born. …..Isaiah 7:14….his name will be called Emmanuel;means God is with you,and I claim it upon your live…The Lord is on my side i will not be afraid,what can man do to me …who can be against me…Psalm118:6…Psalm 121…the Lord never sleeps…If the Lord has not been on my side…..Psalm129:1  Psalm124:1….the Lord is our help..126:5…you will reap in joy…Psalm 20:5…Restoration power…Psalm 20:7…we will trust in the Lord….Haggai 2:18&19…from this Day forward,the Lord will bless you…in the name of Jesus….AMEN

Remain blessed in the Lord
General Overseer(CUMI)

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