....Isaiah 43:2…..When you pass through; deep waters,I will be with you;rivers of difficulty,you will not drown;walk through fire it will not burn you up;……….Infront of you is Jesus Christ,behind you is God & all around you is the HolySpirit;&?Now who can stand against you?Nobody?………….

People put their security trust on Men and the authority of the Land provider to us form of police officers,soldiers and armies alike,but even in times of Life threatening troubles and battles, they fail in protecting their elect or celebrities when they are attacked,;making us to realize that it is only God that protects and guides all mankind, by himself with no help from us because he is our divine security at all times not like the earthly Guards that sleep when their Master is sleeping or have been engaged in an activity;God never sleeps……….never……..

When most of us where growing up,especially in Africa our Parent might have taken us to unknown herbalists and they placed certain enchantments on us becuse especially our Mother,took us their and marks where placed with gun powders and different kind of things not knowing their chemical compositions and before those things are used,the die and decompose before mixture and usage;in turn we are already dead but there is a blood, that is alive and flowing on the cross of Calvary whose name is Jesus Christ; he still maintains his efficacy and power in his blood;The blood of Jesus Christ.

The Herbalist that caused us our predicaments,since our childhood,up unto now; that we are facing presently are dead so also their charms;but Jesus Christ is still Alive….Amen.
All the Ritual sacrifices, they made on our behalf;on a three,four &T-junction roads and especially the birth marks with different incisions made on your body;we wipe them away in the name of Jesus Christ……………Amen.

They did all that, to you to wipe off demons and witches,but instead they are increase day-by-day and bad  dreams….If God is for us who can be against?is it physical attack or spiritual attack?….He is our divine security…at the mention of the name Jesus;every knee shall.He took away your pain,agony and sorrow……….The Lord said it, on the Cross of Calvary saying”It is finished”….so all your problems have been taken away on the Cross….If death is chasing you, God will show up in his Divine Security and in all your difficult life journey…..He will show up;…..Acts 12:1& 2……..Hebrews 12:29….our God is a consuming fire;he is consuming his enemies…… Psalm 68:1……let God arise and let his enemies be scattered…..If God is for us? “who can be against”….Let the Lord reignth and the Earth terrible…….God’s life is hidden in Christ and his life is hidden in God….your life is hidden in Christ and Christ in God.

We can not be detroyed, because we are Children of God…Jesus also paid the price for you,he died so we can be made alive in him…whoever is chasing you to kill you will crash land….. Psalm 82:6….for you are prince’s…..Every arrow fired into your Life I prophesy to it;return back to sender…….rise up and fight for your purpose &destiny;your life and that of your children/family and you shall conquer…..by the power and authority in the name of Jesus Christ…..Amen……..

The Prayer to get there is not as important as the Prayer to maintain it ;The Prayer to maintain your position is much more than the Prayer to get that position;When we then get to our position,we tend to relax and have gotten where we came from and relax;No?because that is the begining of war fare……..Divine security;If God be for us who can be against us….I dismiss every gathering of your enemies &scatter to terminate them all……in Jesus name……….Amen.

People will not be happy about your progress but the most important thing is that God is happy…..Hallelujah……

General Overseer(CUMI)

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