Abraham the Father of Faith,he got Isaac when he was 100years old and Sarah his Wife was 90 years,God told him,he was going to be Father of all Nations but he had one Child. Isaac had Twins after 20years of Marriage with Rebecca and had Esau and Jacob,the Bible made us to understand that they fought in the womb and Rebecca their mother inquire of Lord ?that what is it in me that am feeling like this?……Genesis 25:23…”the message was given to Rebecca that two Nations are in your womb;two people has be seperated from your body;one will be stronger than the other and the older shall serve the younger;now the older was Esau who first came forth,the yonger was Jacob who came later and  both dwelt together…Genesis 25:28…Isaac loved Esau;Esau was a hunter but Rebecca loved Jacob;he was a Cattle rearer;He was a shepherd.

One day came and the bible made us to understand that Esau sold his birth right;because he came from the bush exhausted,hungry and wanted to eat….Genesis 25:30-32 and saw that Jacob cooked;had a bread and lentil stew;and he said sell your birthright to me then i will become the older and the you Esau, younger one;and he said what benefit is my birthright when am hungry;take it away,Esau sold his birth right because of food;Because they were not Good terms.Isaac was about to die and told Esau to go hunt and get a bush meat for me to eat and after eating he will bless him;but Rebecca heard when Isaac her husband and the father of her own two sons, said that Esau should go carry out his orders…..so Rebecca inturn made Jacob go in place of all the instructions given to Esau by Isaac the one she loved…..

Jacob took the blessing of Esua …..Genesis 27:24-28…..But Isaac asked are you really my son Esau…He said yes…and He blessed him….so he took the blessing of his brother…He ran out of the house to his mother’s house…because his father sent him away…Esau realised nothing was moving right for,he was not prosperous because his brother  Jacob took away his blessing….after 20years that Jacob lived with Naman he was returing back home….but his brother Esau was still angry with him that if he ever sets his eye on him;that he Esau will kill his brother Jacob.Jacob sent a messager with a message to his brother Esau about his return and his unforgotten angry brother, assembled 400 hundred soliders to go into battle with Jacob during his return bcause he was determined to kill him….

Jacob even in his greatest worry about his brother Esua,but still believed ther is someone greater than him,His name is Jesus….The same goes for you every Esau standing on your Way to success and victory to destroy you will be destroyed by the power of God,because there is someone bigger,larger than my problem and that can consume,terminate,destroy and swallow all my problems…There is someone greater than all your problems,those difficults that makes you downcast in spirit,frustrated and about to give up….but there is only one person that can handle your situation for Good and destroy all your enemies watching for your destruction….His name is Jehovah, he makes way, where there is no way,you may think you have gotten to your dead end but ‘NO’ the Lord will deliver you, from that dead end; not while he is still sitting in the Heavenly Throne,He will terminate them………In the name of Jesus.

Genesis 32:24……He wrestled with the Angel and said i will not let you go unless you blass me…favour will locate you today,blessing,miracles& wonders will follow….the Lord will bless you and change your position,condition &situation and taking you to the next level….There must determination to take back your stolen glory &blessing through praying yourself out…In Jesus name……Amen.

Everything you need is in the hand of God;and every of your blessing in the hand of your Esau,you are taking them back;but are you ready?because God is ready to bless you and his power has descended upon you to conquer, for you to receive victory and restoration……….Genesis 27:41&42….Esau hated Jacob in his heart because he was blessed instead of him by his father….so also your enemies hate you because;you are a blessed one and your glory shines forth and not them….because God has moved you above them…because their agenda/plans for you are not coming to pass as the wished for you but you stand out radiant everyday by day…and whatever your enemies see in you(God’s glory upon you) that make them to hate you ……I have a Good news for them ?By the power and authority in the name of Jesus Christ, God will not take it away and it will not depart from you..and God will wipe your enemies off…Numbers 23:23….Proverbs 23:7.and all the thoughts of your enemies will not come to pass in your life because as God exposed Esua’s death thought toward’s his brother Jacob,so the Lord will expose all your enemies….and your mockers will be mocked..and every arrow /wind of destruction sent into your life by your enemies, I send it back to sender…and you will not fail and crash in your journey of life but will pursue,overtake and you will takeover the whole land;because you will excel,advance &progress….. In Jesus name….Amen.


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