…..  There was a certain man in Caesarea called Cornelius, a devoted man that feared God and gave  generously to the poor people and prayed always…….Acts 10:1-6…..
Salvation is a must, everyone must be saved. You may decide not to eat today, not to drink, not to go out or marry, not to travel or work, you may decide not to greet anybody; but something you do not have power over, you must do it; ‘you must be saved’. Most people ask “what of the person that does not know Jesus, but they are good?” The answer is no one is good except God…..Psalm 14:3 & 53:3…..They have all turned aside, they have together become corrupt; there is none who does good…..Roman 3:12…..They have all turned aside; they have together become unprofitable…..We must be saved, salvation is a must. There is no one that can save you apart from Jesus Christ; there is no salvation in any other person, Jesus Christ is Lord……….. 
Death is a necessary end, we try to avoid it, we do not even want to say anything about it or plan for it, but it is a must. After this world there is another life; and you do not have control over the other life. You do not have control in this world that you are living, because if God says today is your day, there is no amount of prophet, bishop, specialist or doctor, that can deliver you, because death even kill the doctors, Prophets and bishops. The only person who has power over death and dies no more and His name is Jesus. Cornelius is a good man, but there is no one as good as God. The bible say Cornelius was a devoted man, you may be a devoted christian, coming to church every time, being number one in the church, but that is not a certificate to heaven. You always come to church, worship God, rolling, shouting, crying, wailing, thanking God and doing everything, but that is not a guarantee  because you do not have Jesus Christ. You may use your money for the poor, the bible says… “all these are before God as a memorial” …..this is not a key to get to heaven. You may be a prayer warrior, or when you pray the heavens open, but if you do not have Jesus Christ you will not make it to heaven.
We think too much about ourselves, but not about our heaven. What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and looses his soul. Your soul is what is important, death can come at anytime, we have the opportunity to change  repent and come to Jesus Christ while we are still alive. To come  to Jesus Christ where God has given us another opportunity to make amends, because after you have been buried, it is over…..You may take an exam, if you fail there is a tendency for you to retake the exam several times, but heaven is once; once anyone misses it, he/she misses it forever.
Every religious leader,will die,even if he preached, The bible made says …..at the end of the flood, he died at age 950 years…..Genesis 9:29….. Adam the first man;….. Genesis 5:5….Died at age 930, Methuselah at age 969, he nearly move to 1000 years old but he died, Isaiah died, father Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and Joshua died and was buried; Elijah went back to heaven; Elisha with all the power died and was buried. There was no record that any of them died and rose up bodily or went back to heaven bodily, they died and they were buried. There is only one person who came to this world, He showed us the way, He preached to us, and he was crucified, just because of you and I. He died, He paid the penalty, He paid the price, He said on the third day He will rise again, and exactly 72 hours after His death, Jesus Christ rose up from the grave; death has no power over Him any more.

Even when He was buried He went down and took the key of life from him the devil, who has been holding the key of life. When He came out, He said.. Matthew 28:18….’All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth’….so Satan has no authority any more, death has no power any more, He took the key of life and said …..”I am the way, the truth and the life, and no one comes to the father except through me”. Jesus rose on the third day, no other person was rised but Jesus Christ rose, and that made me to understand that, because He rose and He lives forever, everyone that follows Jesus Christ; everyone that comes to Jesus Christ, everyone that taps into His anointing, everyone that is washed by his blood,of Jesus Christ will also live, just as He lives…….

Hell is a disastrous place, it is not meant for you, it is a place of regret, it is not prepared for you; it was prepared for Satan  his demons and fallen angels. It is not for you, you must be saved. Today is a day of salvation, you must be saved…………Romans 10:1-4….Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is that they may be saved……The children of Israel were expecting Messiah that will come with sword, and ride on the horse, but it said Messiah has come, He is not concerned about your flesh, but about your soul. Messiah has come but they are still expecting another one, they have forgotten that 2000 year ago?… Jesus had come, they are ignorant of the righteousness of God.

The righteousness of God is Jesus Christ. You may be a charitable person, and use all your money for the poor, but the Lord said that is not a guarantee to heaven; you may be a person that prays and things happen, or you pray everyday, but the Lord said that is not a guarantee to heaven. He said Cornelius you are good, you are doing well, you fear God, you give gifts generously to the poor people, you prayed everyday, but you still need salvation……….Acts 16:30….Sir what must I do to be saved?….Is a question? for everyone…..to ask and get answered……

Heaven is full of joy,praises, happiness,blessing, because Jesus has paid the price you do not have to suffer, the blood of Jesus Christ has covered you…… In heaven Jesus loves you, He laid down His life for you and I. Salvation is free, come to Jesus today, tomorrow might be too late, heaven is the best place.You will not miss heaven in the name of Jesus Christ….Jesus loves you when people hate you.

There is somebody that paid the price for you, there is somebody delivering you even when you are sleeping; somebody said “be still”;i will fight for you and you will know am God…. Somebody raises a standard against all your enemies, and that is Jesus Christ. Jesus said today follow me. There is no salvation in any order, there is only one way….. Mattehew 7:13&14….”Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it”……Anything that gives us freedom to do whatever we wish is wide, is broad. Whatever tells you to do your wish, how you feel, is wide and leads to destruction; but narrow is the gate, and difficult is the way that leads to life, but few people find it………….

Today you must submit to the Lord. We go to bed without balancing our account, we do not ask our self even if I do not wake up in the morning, will I be able to make it to heaven. The devil is so cony and he is doing many things, even the elect can miss it. This is the time for everybody to come back home. Do not let anybody make you to loose this opportunity of God, this is the grace of God. The bible says “if your right eye will make you to miss heaven pluck it out, if your right hand will make you to miss heaven cut it off,  it is better for you to be ‘without’ and enter into heaven than to be perfect and enter into hell. Hell is very horrible. Your pastor, bishop and all the prayer contractors cannot save you because you do not know where they are going…..2Corinthians 6:2….For the Lord says: “In the acceptable time I have heard you and in the day of salvation I have helped you indeed,”the right time” is now.Today is day of salvation.”…..Salvation is today not tomorrow; this is the time we have to check ourself. Repentance must be everyday, nobody condemns you because the bible says “judge not”…so you will not be judged…
You must have personal relationship with God, salvation is personal… If you need to cut anything off, cut it off….because Jesus Christ is Lord. Alleluia.
Remain Blessed In The Lord
Apostle Matthew Oluwajoba
General Overseer(CUMI)

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