Looking unto Jesus the Author and finisher of our faith..oh for the Joy that was set before him,endured the Cross.despices this shame and he has sat down at the right hand of the Throne of God his Father in Heaven….

God will place us at his right hand,our case will not remain the same,something unusual will take place in your life….in the name of Jesus….Amen. Lord your name is still the same,age to age you remain the same,yesterday,today and forever;you are wonderful God,the rock of ages;your spirit is present among us and you shall shower your people with your blessing and your power will come down mighty upon your people as we join our hands together in agreement, so the Heaven is in agreement with us;and ther shall open Heavens and every plan of the devil today, I dismiss, terminate and wipe it off in the name of Jesus…Amen….

I am presenting to you,Jesus the Author of Life…..John 1:1-5….In the begining was the Word,and the Word was with God,and the Word was God;The same was in the begining with God;All things were made by him,and without him was not any thing made that was made;In him was life,and life was the light of men;And the light shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehended it not……..Jesus is the “Light” and the Devil is the “Darkness”;And every darkness in our lives will disappear in the name of Jesus…..Amen,.Jesus the Author of life has taken away all your sorrows….John19:20…It is Finished on the cross of calvary…Revelation 21:6……..’It is done’…;and if Jesus Christ the Author of Life says it is done, then it is absolutely done; He is our Joy; He is the Alpha and Omega; The begining and the end; The First and the Last; The One who was and is to come; The Author of Life; The One who sets us free; The One who has become our Forgiveness, Purification, Sanctification and Justification,am presenting to you the “AUTHOR OF LIFE WHOSE NAME IS JESUS CHRIST”…..He has become our joy,He sees the seen and unseen,He is Omnipresence,Omniscience,Omnipotent;He has authority over every forces of darkness and He is ready to wipe them off….He has become our Redeemer and Deliverer…….

We need to concentrate on God because he is going to do something extraordinary upon your lives;Jesus loves us unconditionally,unlike people of the World who love because of what they can get from you,but his Love that He shows unto us is priceless,unquantifiable and even “when we were yet sinners He died on the Cross of Calvary for us”,He loved us first even before we loved him…..Jesus loves you….when we look around us we will see the love you….Jesus never disappoints like men do…He guides and raises a standard against your enemy..His Standard like a Sword will kill all your enemies, for your sake due to the love he has upon you….your enemies look at you waxing strong day by day,just because the Lord is on your side…….

Enemies fighting against you are like “Chickens that like seeds of Corn for food,the Lord places you inside a thick,big transparent glass bottle covered,but your enemies can only see you transparently through the glass bottle you are like the seeds of corn,that they are looking at but can’t touch you and eat you like food,because the glass is big and they can’t swallow it..”….because it is so painful that you can see what to eat but you can’t eat it….thats the Power of God’s  Love  upon your life…..”I see that people like to show off and God loves to show off his Glory upon your life…as well but before He shows off, He shows up in that situation of yours”………may it come to past in manifestation upon your life in Jesus name …..Amen….

He is the God of Love;When your enemies are planning for you,he who sits in Heaven shall laugh at them on every bad agenda they are planning for you,because He is also planning how he will destroy them too for your sake……and God will wipe them off,He is a faithful God, He never Liars, He will remember you;whatever he has promised upon your will come to manifestation….

Jesus Christ is the Author of Life and He is a good writer,He has written something good about you,so God his Father will do as Jesus Christ his son has written concerning you….the enemies have written you off  but God is rewritting you into Life and his hand of Glory will be upon you and you will be happy in Jesus name …..AMEN..Jesus is ready to set you free because He is the Author of Life .To every writer,there is a copyright and Jesus has the copyright of your life and the password to your life…..As he is a good writer sa as well a good shepherd…..John 10:11….I am the good shepherd and a good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep…

Continuation of 3 importance of  Jesus Christ the Author of Life;


….Blotting out the handwritting of ordinances that was against us,which was contrary to us and took it out of the way,nailing it to his cross…….Colossians 2:14…He has changed our curses into blessing…..The Earth is Lords and the fulless thereof….All the decision makes in this Land will work to your Favour……….receive the blessing of God…Blessing means, people will be struggling and you will be eating……the Earth will yield her increase for you…Genesis 1:28..The Lord blessed them and said be fruitful and multiply,subdue the Earth,have dominion over everything & animals created…..;but when sin entered He cursed them..Genesis 3:17…….both Adam nd Eve..

….1John 3:8……He destroyed the work of the Devil because he first wiped it off every generational,heritary and automatic curses; He will wipe them off from our foundation for our blessing to manifest……whosoever He wishes to bless,He blesses and whosoever he wishes to curse, He curses…..Numbers 22:6…………..Ezekiel 18:1-4……..”Behold,all Souls are mine as the soul of the Father,so also the soul of the Son is mine;the Soul that sinneth,it shall die”………

…..But Jesus Christ has come for our redemption and his blessings are upon us………but the opposite of curses is blessing………Behold, I have received commandment to bless;and He has blessed;and I cannot reverse it……Numbers 23:20.,we need to say…… I AM BLESSED…..


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