God wants your Spirit to be lifted up because he loves you;The Word gave life to everything that was created and his Life brought Light to everyone;The Light shines in the darkness and darkness can never extinguish it……John 1:4 &5…..Jesus is the Author of Life….John 14:6..I am the way, the truth and the life ;No one can come to the Father except through me…Jesus is Life and He has come to give us Life and the opposite of Life is Death which belongs to Devil; Author means Originator,if anyone needs Long and Eternal Life,then you must come to Jesus…….

Jesus Christ came and took away our trouble and death…Colossians 1:16..through him all things where made and he was before all things;In him all things exist ……Haggai 2:8…Gold is mine;Silver is mine says the Lord of Host;When the Devil gives you Life and prosperity,he surely takes it back through destruction and death but the Lord keeps his promises forever….

The Author of Life and his Importance in your  Life:

1)Because Jesus Loves you;
The love of God is unlimited, his love is to lift us up and not to pull us down and he has the power to establish you,the whole world is in his hands;He chooses to bless whoever he chooses to bless… John 15:13….Greater Love has noone ever given, than one should lay down his Life for his friend,The Devil has opened the gate of Hell, so peolpe will join him there but Jesus Christ died to save us all because he loves us. He died just for us and it takes love to do that; “an unconditional love”Jesus Christ is God of Love …..John 40:19…..We love him because he first loved us………Romans 5:8….Yet when we were all sinners, JESUS CHRIST DIED for us.

It pleased the Lord to bruise him…he became the ransom for us;an atonement for our sins…..Isaiah 53:10.When everything is going wrong in our life we should always remember that someone loves us;when people around us reject us, still someone greater and mightier loves us even more….Isaiah 49:14-16…He will not forsake you,he gives us Life even in our sins,he santifies us and forgives us from our iniquities…… still just because he loves us…..

Jesus Christ defends and fights our battles, seen and unseen;In the dream,physically you are attack by the evil ones and they watching and waiting for your down fall;they evil ones try to kill you because they  have killed so many with their arrows and sword?, but you are still alive and still standing strong, upon the unshakeable rock whose name is Jesus; when we are attacked he stands, to defend us because He is the Author of Life and no one can take away our lives because he loves us……

Jesus wakes up everyday in the morning,despite all the oppositions from the enemy;they taught you will be begging?,but you even give out, unto them in abundance, that the Lord has given you; they are looking at you to be weary?,but “NO” you look radiant everyday by day because Jesus Christ loves you.In there record they have written you off?, but God has not written you off; Jesus loves you…because they occultic powers have called your name in the secret places ,?.but God will answer them for you…..because they are confused due to the confusion the Lord has sent into their camps, just on your behalf because he loves you;because you are destined to live and rule…….Psalm 129:1..they have fought against me right from my youth (womb )many atimes but they have not prevailed against me…because the Lord is on your side that is why you are still standing because Jesus loves you…

People hate you;they avoid your communication, but someone wants to listen and talk with you, who is greater than them and he is the Author of Life,his name is JESUS…”A SHELTER IN THE TIME OF STORM”; The Author of Life is the Captin in the ship; the comforter; the prince of peace; see yourself moving from victory to victory…. I can see your enemies falling because he loves you…God will show up in that situation and you will not give up your focus in life….the Commander in Chief of Ourlives….because I can see your enemies surrendering for your sake his name is Jesus Christ and he is the Author of Life……..in your crying &weeping, he will show up because he is a faithful God…………Genesis 15:13&14…The Lord told Abraham that his people, they shall serve and be afflicted for 400years but after their trials has come victory and great possesions……all his promises upon Your live will come to pass and we should learn to truth him…Jesus trusted his Father by saying Lord…. “unto your hand I commit my spirit”…he has the key to our life which he took away from the Devil in Hell ….Proverbs 3:5&6 …trust the Lord always and lean not unto your understanding but in all your ways knowledge him and he shall direct your part …Psalm 20:7&8..they trust in “CHARIOTS AND HORSES BUT WE WILL TRUST THE LORD”; they have fallen and bowed down, but we have risen &stand up right …we are like mount zion, we can not be moved………Psalm 125:1,….Psalm 22:3-5..Our Father trusted you…and he did not fail them ….Proverb18:8…Jesus,He is our strong tower….always remember that, Jesus Christ loves you…..

Remain Blessed In The Lord

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