08/31/2012;THE GRACE OF GOD

THE GRACE OF GOD……….”The unmerited favour”

………May the  Grace of God and the Communion of the Holy Spirit be with you now and forever more…”Is the Grace of God that will take you to the next level in Life”……….Genesis 6:7&8……….

The Grace of God, is something we don’t merit but He gives us freely.Grace also means Favour of God,we will not miss the Grace of God in Jesus…Amen.We need to ask God for his Favour to manifest upon Our Lives that is beyound our Expection and Imagination in this month of September in the name of Jesus…..Amen.Genesis 6:7&8…The end of everything I’ve created has come I will destroy the World,the Man & Animals because I am sorry I made them,because whatever God desires happens.

If God wants to destroy the World, just because of his Grace upon you,all who are saved by Him will be exempted from destuction;What I  discovered is that ‘Judas Iscariot missed the Grace of God’;what I discovered that Jesus even prayed for Judas as he prayed for Peter and told him you will be the one to betray me,yet he went ahead….John 17 :12…..”Lord all you have committed into hands these I have kept except the one headed for destruction as the scripture foretold”……..he missed it because he didn’t have the Grace of God….

The Pharises were troubled and complained against Jesus, that He moved around the city and even ate and drank with the sinners but He saved them all…”The Sinners”?…….Jesus went to Matthew’s House regardless that he was a tax collectors…Matthew 9:13…”Go and read this, that I desire Mercy and not Sacrifice; for the Son of Man did not come for the righteous, but or the sinners to call them into repentance”…God said, what we need is Mercy;and ‘Mercy goes with Grace’;whoever has the Mercy of God also has the Grace of God,and whoever He shows his Mercy,He shows compassionate.

The Grace of God  has covered you and his Grace has given you Salvation……we are saved by Grace…Ephesians 2:8 &2:5;,……Noone can come to the Father,except the Father has drawn them to me……,John 6:44&45;…Many could have been saved but are not, because God has not called them to him and…John 6:65. Our God is in the Heavens and he does as he wishes……Psalm 115:3…I will have mercy on whom I will have Mercy and Compassion on whom I will have Compassion…..Romans 9:15…but today God will show you His Grace and Compassion.


We want to do things our way;NO;
Zechariah 4:6… Is not by Power or Might, says the Lord but by the Spirit the God….not our will but God’s will be done upon our lives..

To fulfill God’s purpose for us;
Some people come to this World,die and we will not fulfill God’s purpose for them,you need the Grace of God to fulfill your destiny.The Lord gave you a destiny and the devil wants to destroy it, your enemies want to destroy it,but you need the Grace God and not canal
counsel…………2Corithians10:3&4…We are humans,but don’t wage war as humans do;The weapons of our warfare are not canal but are mighty through God for pulling down of strong holds..Joseph had a destiny,a purpose to fulfill, but he dwelt in the midst of enemies,his brethens; Judah,Reuben the first born and others who he told his dreams,it even made them hate him more passionately………..Genesis 37:5..most of you grew up like Joseph, in the midst of Thorns,lions,tigers all who are waiting and ready to devour you ..you need the Grace of God to be able to fulfill your purpose in the midst of these devourer’s….The brethens saw him coming and said see “the dreamer” coming and they conspired to terminate him……….Genesis 37:18-20;how God works Jacob never let’s Joseph out of his site but that faithful day he did;told him to go look after the wellbeing of his brethens…..to fulfill God’s purpose in his life,Joseph was sold to slavery at potiphar’s house;regardless of his trials but he said I will not sin with my master’s wife.Genesis 39:21&22..Joseph stood strong on his words..and he thrown into prison.by the King..”FOR ANY ONE TO GO BEYOND WHERE THEY ARE,THE NEED TO GO BELOW FIRST”…Daniel in the Lion’s den and other outstanding leaders in the Bible, went down but were elevated …..when Christ died, he went down and on the 3rd day He was Lifted up in the Glory  and Power of God,so shall it be unto you…

Peter was not the only one with a Boat but the Grace of God was upon him that Jesus entered his own;The woman at 90yrs in the bible Jesus blessed her with a Child,there were younger women but it pleased God to give her the Fruit of the womb;THE GRACE OF GOD….

The Lord will make you escape,triumph and be victorious over all your enemies;promotion ,miracle of appointed time & elevation will locate you to your next Level in the name of Jesus Christ…..Amen.When you have prayed,fasted and now then, you need the Grace of God with humility in asking because Grace means unmerited favour from God…Acknowledge that you do not merit it and reject the Spirit of Self-righteousness and the Grace of God will be upon you…………

When you miss an exam you can retake it,loose a house you can buy another, but if you miss Heaven that’s it for life never again,not redeemeable but by his Grace I will get there and I will make it,let the Grace of God be upon you.

Joseph interpreted the dream to the king;about 7years of abundance and 7years of famine;Joseph interpreted the dream by telling the King to store enough food for his people for the famining period..so the King said for he was able to do it not his tale bearers,then Joseph was made the Prime Minister;A Prison now A Prime Minister?That is what the Grace of God can do….then the Grace of God made Joseph fulfill his purpose through his brothers who sold him,then in turn helping his brethen and family to feed themselves and his father regardless of their actions towards him,still due to the Grace of God upon his life to forgive them and didn’t revenge even when he had the Power to do so as a Governor…….


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