Zechariah 10:1…God is speaking to everyone, He said “ask for rain in the time of the latter rain”
The Lord is saying that we should ask in the time of the raining season because it is coming to an end; do not ask for rain in the time of raining season so that you will not say it is normal but ask in the time the raining season has almost ended so that you can see the power of God.  (2) In the time of latter rain, when it rains, it means that the time of dry season, would not be so long, because it had rained heavily, the soil will not get dry on time, it can make every plants to grow and have long life, God wants you to have long life and you will have long life in Jesus name. God said “ask in the time of the latter rain”;Rain is a symbol of blessing and today am speaking by the power of the living God the subject titled the merciful God. God is a God of mercy; He said “ask for rain in the time of the latter rain when everything is over”, when it seem that nothing is happening, God wants you to ask and He is going to bring rain into your life in the name of Jesus Christ. In the time of Elijah when there was no rain on earth for three and half years, Elijah said to Ahab “Go up eat and drink for there is the sound of abundance of rain.” 1Kings 18:41….It means that the Lord wants to rain his blessings upon you. God is a merciful god, even when no one show mercy, God shows mercy upon His children. Lamentations 3:22&23…..Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, for His compassion fail not….We would have been destroyed or wiped away, but through God’s mercies we are not consumed. Malachi 3:6….I am the Lord, I do not change; therefore you are not consumed, O sons of Jacob. Psalm 107:1, Psalm 118:1, & Psalm 136:1….Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever….God is a God of mercy. Psalm 102:13….For you will arise and have mercy on Zion; for the time to favor her…….. Through the mercy of God,we have forgiveness, joy and God brings us back to Himself, even after we have gone astray. The Lord determined to destroy the whole world because He was sorry he created the world…..Genesis 6:6-8……The end of every living thing has come before me and I am going to wipe off everything that is created because I was sorry that I created them. Noah found grace before God, He found unmerited favor. When we talk about grace we talk about mercy, Matthew 9:13……Go and learn what is written that I desire mercy not sacrifice for I do not come to call the righteous……When mercy of God comes upon you, there is no sacrifice anymore, He is a merciful God, and He will have mercy upon you today.

Psalm 103:17…The mercy of God is from everlasting to everlasting to those who fear Him..God is God of mercy, He does not give mercy today and will not have mercy tomorrow, it is from everlasting to everlasting. Psalm 51:1…Have mercy upon me, O God, according to your loving kindness; according to the multitude of your tender mercies….The mercy of the Lord can never run dry, He is a merciful God, the mercy that goes from one generation to another generation; the mercy that He gave to Abraham, and he transferred it to Isaac his son, to Jacob the grandson, to Joseph the great grandson, He transferred it to David and to our Lord Jesus Christ, God is God of mercy, He will have mercy upon you today in Jesus name.  Psalm 86:5&15……But you O Lord, are a God full of compassion, and gracious, longsuffering and abundant in mercy and truth….God is abundant in mercy and truth, He is a merciful God. Instead of complaining, you need to praise the Lord.. Psalm 107:8, 15,21&31…..Oh that men will praise the Lord for His goodness and for His wonderful works to the children of men…..Psalm 107:16….For He has broken the gates of bronze, and cut the bars of iron……It means that those things that you feel are problem is no more problem, those things that you feel that are troubling you are no longer troubling you, those things that you thought will kill you, will not kill you, those things you see that are difficult is not difficult because, He is a merciful God;when people condemned you,  God will never condemned you, because there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ. Romans 12:1…I beseech you therefore by the mercies of God….., He does not judge you, destroy or stand against you, He is a merciful God. The Lord said “ask for rain in the time of the latter rain” because rain is like a blessing. Isaiah 55:10&11…for the rain comes, and the snow from heaven, and do not return there…..The word of the Lord will not return back to Him void, it will accomplish that which He had sent it to do in your life in the name of Jesus Christ. Jeremiah 1:12….You have seen well, for I am ready to perform My word….God is ready to perform His word, He is not a liar; Numbers 23:19…God is not a man that He should lie, nor a son of man, that He should repent…… Psalm 89:34&35….My covenant I will not break nor alter the word that has gone out of My lips….. God is not a lair and will never be a lair Romans 3:4….Let God be true and every man a liar…..

The merciful God has a program set for you;

(1) He wants you to be saved:

God does not want you to die, but He wants you to be saved, He has a plan for us. Jeremiah 29:11….For I know the thoughts that I think toward you says the Lord, thoughts of  peace and not of evil……God has a fantastic plan for you; God wants you to be saved that is why He sent Jesus Christ to save us. John 8:36….Therefore if the son makes you free, you shall be free indeed…To be saved means to be free, you are free from satanic plan, you are free from satanic agenda, you are free from the pollution of the world, you are free from going to hell, you are free from destruction, you are free from disaster, you are set free because he has saved you. John 3:16…For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten, that whosoever believes in Him shall not die but have everlasting life….God wants you to be saved, He does not want you to go to hell, hell belongs to Satan. 2Peter 3:9…..God never slacks concerning His promises….God does not want anybody to die. Acts 4:12….Nor is there salvation in any other for there is no other name…..God sent Jesus Christ to us so that we may be saved. 1Corinthians 3:11….For no other foundation can anyone lay……The foundation is Jesus Christ, He is the savior of the world. God wants you to be saved. When the jailer in the prison was to be saved, God sent Paul, when the man saw the miracle of God, he was terrified;……Acts 16:25&26;Acts 30:31…At midnight Paul and Silas were praying suddenly, there was a great earthquake….God  made Paul to enter into prison so that man can be saved. God can do anything to make you to be saved, He can use anything for anything so that you might be saved; His plan for you is that you might be saved. Roman 5:8…God demonstrates His own love towards us……He killed His own son for us. Isaiah 53:10……Because it pleased the Lord to bruise Him….God sacrificed Jesus Christ for us so  that we might be saved; the plan of  God for you is that you will not go hell, but you will go to heaven. John 14:1-4….Let not your heart be troubled, believe in God…..If I do not have a house on this earth, I have a mansion in heaven. Isaiah 22:22….The key of the house of David I will lay on his shoulder, so He shall open and……Jesus Christ is the one who has the key, when He opens no one can shut, when He shut, no one can open, when he shuts the door against your enemies, no one can open them; He will shut up your enemies today and He will release you to favor, miracles, blessings, testimonies, and fulfilment, in the name of Jesus Christ.

(2) God wants you to be deliver:

The plan of God for you is that you will not come to bondage anymore, but that you must be delivered. God wants you to be delivered……Obadiah 1:17…..But upon mount Zion  there shall be deliverance…You are the Mount Zion of God…. Hebrew 12:22-24…..But you have come to Mount Zion and the city of the living God……God wants to deliver you from hereditary bondage, from generational, and ancestral curse, that is why He shed the blood of His son on the cross of Calvary. Zachariah 9:11….As for you also, because of the blood of your covenant, I will set free your prisoners…..The enemies have thrown you into the  pit as they put Joseph in the pit but the Lord is lifting you up, because of the blood of Jesus Christ; His plan for you is to be delivered. God will do everything to make your deliverance to take place. Zachariah 2:8…..God is ready to fight a great battle for his children; whoever touches you, touches the apple of His eye, whoever touches you, touches fire, whoever touches you touches trouble, whoever touches you, touches destruction of their life; and our God is a consuming fire. Exodus 14:13….And Moses said to the people do not be afraid, stand still…..Psalm 46:10…..Be still, and know that I am God….At times we are afraid and terrified by the enemies, but the Lord said “do not be afraid, but stand still and see the deliverance of God which He will accomplish for you today.” For the Egyptians you see today, the problems you see today, whatever is following you or troubles that the enemies have sent against you, the arrows that you see today, you shall see them no more forever. God is not postponing his day of deliverance, today is your day. 2Corinthians 6:2…..In an acceptable time I have heard you, and in the day of salvation I will deliver you….God is ready to fight your battle; one of the reason why God has to fight the battle is because they have rendered His words void, people say no God cannot do it. Psalm 119:126…It is time for you Oh Lord, to act for they have regarded your law as void…….Exodus 20:5…..You shall not bow down to them nor serve them for I the Lord your God am a jealous God…..Ezekiel 18:1-4…God has delivered you from hereditary bondage and curse, whatever the ancestors have done, you are not going to share their sins any more in the name of Jesus Christ.

(3) God wants you to be victorious:

John 6:44 &65…..No one can come to me unless the father who sent me draws him….God know that the enemies will fight you before he created you, but He has made provision for your victory. God is a fighter; he fights for his children; every place where they gathered to mention your name for evil, the thunder of God will strike them down in the name of Jesus. Isaiah 59:19….So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west…..God will raise a standard against all your enemies; God said do not be afraid, He knows what they have done against you; He will fight for you and when He fights, he wins. Revelations 12:7&11…And war broke out in heaven Micheal and his angels fought……Satan did not prevail that day and he will not prevail in your life. When they show up in your dream the thunder of God will destroy them, when they torment you by night the fire of God will consume them, in the name of Jesus. situation must change, victory must take place in your life. Isaiah 8:9&10….they take counsel together?, but it will come to nothing…..

(4) God wants you to live long:

Psalm 91:16……. With long life I will satisfy him, and show him my salvation….God has decreed long life for you. Job 5:26…..You shall come to the grave at a full age……Psalm 118:17….,I shall not die,but live to declare the works of God…..God wants you to live, but satan wants you to die. Isaiah 54:15….They shall surely assemble, but not because…..God dissociated Himself from them because their plan is not of God; Your enemies will fall for your sake.

(5) God wants you to be blessed:

 He said for the rain in the time of the latter rain. God is saying that I have everything in my hands, ask for the blessing in the time that it seems that there is no blessing, when you do not have any money, in the time when everybody is there help or that is supposed to support you is avoiding you, when you think that there is no hope at all, that is when God will show up……..

Apostle Matthew Oluwajoba

General Overseer (CUMI)

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