“You’ve created so much time in wrestling with people, while the devil is wrestling with you”…..

God wants you to take authority over all forces of darkness. Many atimes we look at things and wonder if they actually exist, demons exist and they are on Earth….Mark 5:2-13.. because we are on earth, we are in the mist of demons. 1John 5:19….You are of the Lord……we know that the whole world lays under the snare of the wicked one…Satan is the wicked one and the world lays under the snare of the wicked one. Isaiah 60:2…Behold darkness covers the earth– anywhere you go, anywhere you are, even when you are alone, there are some forces of darkness and invincible spirit  that are around.

We have different kinds of Spirits;

 (1) Territorial Spirits:

Govern every region, Satan put them there; If you do not take authority over them, there is nothing that you are doing that you will be Successful. They will keep on tormenting and disturbing you. When David was not able to get his breakthrough, he wrote…. Psalm 24 when he was in trouble with the forces of darkness. He said the earth is the Lord’s and all its fullness thereof….David was challenging  and binding them saying…….”the earth does not belong to you Satan it belongs to God”. Psalm 24:7&8…Lift up your head O ye gate….David knew he was barricaded, he could not move forward, he was standing still….and he said……”lift up your heads O ye gate! And be lifted up you everlasting doors! for the King of glory, shall come in”;That Spirit challenged him saying….” who is that King of glory, that you are talking about” David said….. “the Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle; the Lord is the king of glory for ever.

(2) Air Spirits:

We can see so many things on earth, that is why Apostle Paul said Ephesians 2:2-4… “Our weapon of war fare are not canal, but mighty through God, for pulling down of strongholds… 2Corinthians 10:5;….. Ephesians 6:10-12……….Finally my brethren be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might….These Spirits only think about wickedness, how to kill,  how to destroy, how to terminate, how to break down,  how to pull down, how to cancel, and how to wipe off  human beings. You have created so much time in wrestling with people, while the devil is wrestling with you.

All those you count as enemies are just distractions, satan is your enemy; people hate you because they do not have the spirit of God in them anymore. However, you are not fighting them but the spirit; so you have to fight the spirit that is occupying their lives in hating you and pull that spirit down to nothing, because there is the power of God in you. They hate you because of the spirit that is in them, everything God created was good, but they have taken the Spirit of the devil that is why they are attacking you. Those who have the spirit of  God will love you. …..Mark 4&5…Because Jesus was to deliver the man, Satan knew that he will send them away, he created a turbulence as they sailed out and their boat almost capsized. Anytime you see turbulence, it means that something great is ahead of you; whenever you are facing some challenges do not cry, don’t weep, don’t wail, just stand still , look forward  and look  unto Jesus Christ.

Anything that makes something to require a battle, freedom cannot  be gotten easily; Some people got freedom from shedding blood and Jesus Christ gave us freedom by shedding his blood on the cross of Calvary; there is no freedom that is free or easy to attain; Majority of us want to attain everything so easy, but it does not work that way; Jesus Christ then crossed over, after he calmed the sea;  there was a man who lived inside the Tomb, his dwelling place was no longer among the human beings, but with demons and dead people, he could not be tamed, because several times they have bind him with chain and shackle, but he always break through it. He occupied that road making people to avoid passing through it; many people will attain there blessing, by passing that road.

There are some places that the Lord has positioned our lives to but there are some forces that occupy there, so that we will not be able to get it, because the land you are dwelling in is so tough, that does not mean that God wants you to move, but it is telling you that there is something in this land that will make you better and great; But there are some forces that are there. The man ran towards Jesus and worshipped Him, no matter how terrible your case is, when it meets Jesus Christ it will bow down. When Jesus Christ appointed the 70, Luke 10:17….the 70 returned with joy and they said “Lord even the demons are subject to us in your name”.

The secret behind our success or victory is the name of Jesus Christ; everything that meets the name of Jesus Christ must bow down. As the man came to Jesus Christ he worshipped Him, because he knew who Jesus Christ was and he said…..”please do not send us away, do not send us to the abyss. Our time has not yet come to go to hell, we still want to trouble the earth for sometime ” this is for you to know that they are still existing. Then Jesus asked the demons,…..”what is your name?” That is the kind of challenge I want you to present to whatever is working contrary to your life,  have you been barricaded with some kind of sickness or pain that has not yet departed, ask whatever is troubling you,….”what is your name?” have you been having nightmares, but  cannot be able to identify those troubling you, in your dreams ask them tonight because you must take authority over all forces of darkness, that has been tormenting you in your sleep…..”what is your name?”. You have been looking at yourself that, this is not the position that you are supposed to be, you look at yourself knowing that you are supposed to be greater than this, ask the thing that is troubling and not enabling you to get to level the Lord has ordained your life for….”what is your name?”; One of the secret things that can make you to capture people is by identifying them with their names. Genesis 2:19..Out of the ground, that the Lord formed every Beast of the field and every Bird of the Earth…..when God created everything, he knew that everything must have its own name, there must be a name.

After Jesus triumphed, the Lord empowered that name…… Philippians 2:8-11…The Lord has given Him name above every name, above the devil that is tormenting you, above the demons that is standing against you, above principalities, above powers of darkness, above the ancestral spirits that is following you, above all witches in your family, above all occultic powers that has been tormenting you;…”At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow, of all things in heaven, things on earth and under the earth”.. wherever your problem is coming from, it might  be from the air, in the heaven, on the earth or under the earth; everyone that is troubling you, shall bow in the name of Jesus Christ.

Whatever that does not allow you to move in the way that you should move shall bow down in the name of Jesus Christ; whatever that is standing against your life of holiness, shall bow in the name of Jesus Christ. There are many problems that we are facing on earth, there are many people that gather themselves together against us but Jesus is saying to them…………”what is your name?”,because they form a cling of conspiracy against you, but they have a name, whatever group, or meeting organized against your life let them be scattered by the fire of the Holy ghost, may God empower us to take authority in our territory…..

Apostle Matthew Oluwajoba

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