“Whoever digs a pits, shall fall into it and whoever breaks through the wall, shall be bitten by a serpent”……Ecclesiastes 10:8………so stay inside God’s; covering, wall of fire around us, presence and no destruction will come near our dwelling…

When a Man’s way pleases the Lord,he even makes his enemies to be at peace with him…..Proverbs16:7;God is the Author of life and he is just watching, your enemies digging the pit for you, that they will fall into themselves and God is just laughing at them; Esther 7:10……..”So they impaled Hanam on the pole he had made up for Mordecai and the King’s anger subsided”.. but unfortunately for Hanam the evil he planned for Mordecai fell upon him…..”Back to Sender”;so shall it be to your enemies…in Jesus Name…Amen;Whoever rolls a stone to others, shall have it rolled back against  him…….Proverbs 26:27.
God is watching the evil doers silently and he knows what they are doing,but we feel that God has forgotten us “No” he hasn’t forgotten us?…Psalm 2:1-4…”Why do the Nations rage and the people plot a vain thing; the Kings of the earth set themselves and Rulers take counsel together, against the Lord and his anointed one; let us break their chains,the cry and free ourselves from slavery to God; But the one who rules in heaven laughs at them.

God is never asleep,he watches over us….Psalm 121:1-4;and he has answers to everything, he is our help in time of trouble…..Psalm 46:1,God knows how to make things happen and gives us peace,he knows the plans of the enemy…We should not be anxious about anything..Psalm 46:10…..’Be still and know that I am God’…because he will deal with our enemies and his name will be glorified,magnified and exalted in our life.

The Lord makes a Ministry and raises a Man of God; “puts his covering over him, so that everyone under him,will not be destroyed”. unless he is not a Man of God; …John 17:12…Lord all you have committed into my hands I have kept and no one is lost, except the one headed for destruction, as the scripture foretold…2Timothy 4:7……..”I have fought the good fight,I have finished the race and I have kept the faith”…there is a spiritual covering over you, often even if the Man of God is sleeping,God is covering you because he is never asleep.

God mounts a wall of fire, for protection around you and his glory in your midst….Zechariah 2:5..’As mountains surrounds Jerusalem,so the Lord surrounds his people,both now and forever……..’Psalm 125:2.God fences and envelops us with his covering.If you die with Christ and are risen with Christ,also set your mind on the things in heaven, where Jesus Christ seated at the right hand of God the Father;……Colossians 3:1&3….you are in Christ and Christ is in God,so God’s covering has enveloped you;Psalm 139:5…you have edged me infront, behind and your hand is upon me…”stay inside the wall of God” and no destruction will come near you.
Job was protected because, God built an edge around him,from satan’s destruction;This mean that only God can give permission to your enemy,so if he doesn’t? than they can’t do anything to you….Isaiah 43:3..you are precious in God’s sight….Psalm118:6,Psalm 6:3,…the Lord is on your side,who can be against you…. Psalm 63:9…those who seek your life shall be destroyed and will fall by the sword.The Lord has place you in his covering,so whoever breaks through that covering will be bitten by the serpent;satan is outside, so you cannot move out from the presence of God;because principalities and powers can not destroy you if you remain in the covering.

What it means to be in God’s covering?: He Preserves your life from danger;

There have been many attacks and arrows sent to us, that we are not even aware of?.. He that dwells in the secret place of the most high, shall abide under the shadow of the almighty……A thousand shall fall by your side and ten thousand on your right, but it shall not come near you…..Psalm 91:1&7-9;So his wall of protection is around us.
 Psalm 27:1&3….They Lord is my light and salvation whom shall I fear……….your enemies shall fall and die in all their incantation, because you are surrounded by the edge of fire.The lord in heaven is on your side,he will laugh at them, because they can’t penetrate the covering around you.

The covering of God has boundaries but no limitation;Don’t break through the wall of  God’s covering…………Joshua1:3&4…..

1)You cannot go to a place where the name of the Lord will not be praised;
There is no spiritual covering there….Isaiah 42:8…I am the Lord that is my name;a place of self glorification, because no one can share God’s glory,so you can’t go to places like that,because if you do,then you are breaking through the wall.

2)A place God has cursed;
Where God has cursed and there is no blessing……Genesis 19:2-3&337……..the presence of God dwelleth not in places like this,stay within the covering….Ruth 1:1-5…a cursed generation.

3)You cannot dwell in the territory God’s enemies;
A place where they hate God, you cannot dwell there and an environment occupied by the enemies of God you can’t go.
4)You cannot go to a place without spiritual clearance;
God has to clear you first before you can go anywhere…2Samuel 2:1,Genesis 13:1,Genesis 19:19-21;Where there is no spiritual covering don’t go,most often due to sentiments about what people will say if we don’t attend certain occassions,we go astray.Genesis 12:10,Genesis 20:1-3,you are by the edge,don’t break through the wall,when God said don’t go,you don’t go.
5)Where God refuses you to go;
You asked here for clearance, but God refuses you to go, then obey the Lord; He has built an edge around you don’t go outside that edge…Acts16:6-9.Job 5:26….you will get to your full age in the name of Jesus…Amen.;God has spoken and said go; he alone is God, will make a way and work it out.
6)When we dwell in sin;
There is no covering of God in a sinful life…….Judges 16:1-6…Samson lost his covering;whoever that will kill us,shall not see us in name of Jesus…Amen; let’s take away everything that is making God to be far from us,our lives are important to him, so we can live in fulfilment of his promises……Isaiah 43:2;we can’t carry the sand of satan on our hands and expect the grace of God upon our lives.

Psalm 23:1-6;God and Man speaks;GOD AT WORK;The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want he makes me to lie down in “green pastures”;FOOD …for the sheep to eat, he leads us to our blessing;He leads me beside the “still water”;NOT THE FLOODING WATER …that can take us away;He “restores my soul”;HE SATISFIES OUR THIRST …he gives us satisfaction for our soul;He leads me in the part of Righteousness for his name sake;NOW MAN DEVIATES;Even when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death;SIN;THEN MAN IS NOW WALKING ALONE WITHOUT GOD;Your Rod and Staff comfort me;NOW MAN HAS GONE ASTRAY AND GOD USES THE ROD TO BRING HIM BACK TO HIS PRESENCE…………Every shepherd has a Rod……Exodus 4:2…God asked Moses, what he had in his hands, he said a “ROD”;is not meant for the obedient child no, only for the disobedient ones,that’s why Man said the “Rod and Staff they comfort me”…..because man has no choice……You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies,you anointed my head with oil and cup overflows;surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.Everthing God did was fantastic but Man “NO”….

The Lord doesn’t want us to go astray,but the devil tries to distract us so we can go outside the covering of God and he can destroy us, let’s keep the devil out of our lives and stay inside the covering…

Apostle Matthew Oluwajoba
General Overseer (CUMI)

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