07/22/2012; NO TURNING BACK

Whatever you are going through you will crossover to fulfilment……..Numbers 14:1-4..

The Lord delivered the children of Israel from the pollution of the world and from the house of bondage…Exodus 20:1&2. When the Lord wants to do something great he sends a person,  Moses delivered the message of God  to the children of Israel. Pharaoh did not want to release the children of Israel but at the end they left Egypt,came to the Red sea,the Lord parted the Red sea into two and they crossed over. Whatever you are going through you will crossover to fulfilment; when Christ is with us we are going to crossover. As the children of Israel crossed over, they were in the wilderness thirsty the Lord gave them drink, they were hungry the Lord gave them food. Numbers 13:1-33 Moses sent out spy’s to spy the land of Canaan only Caleb and Joshua came back with good news about the land while the rest men brought a bad report about the land,the children of Israel wept throughout the night, they complained against  God, Moses and Aaron saying it is better to go back to Egypt where they came from..

Egypt is a place of bondage, Jesus Christ has taken you out of hereditary bondage, generational curse, he has set you free and delivered you so you are not going to Egypt again. Many things can make you feel like going back to the world but the Lord has cleanse you, you cannot go back to the world. It is not the will of God for you to go back to the world so there is no turning back. There will be a time when you feel like turning back, remember your life is better than the children of Israel because they were at the bank of the Red sea which was in front of them and at their back were the Egyptians marching towards them; they could not go backward or forward.

 There is no other person to deliver than God, when you reach the stage of turning back you are still better than those who have no choice to make, The children of Israel could not go back, they could not move forward, they felt it was over for them that day and the Lord showed up because God said it is not over for them. Those who are troubling your life, do not know what God has in store for you; those who want to kill you does not know what God has ordained for your life, and because they do not know, that’s why they are trying to destroy you. Every effort the enemy is making to condemning your life, shall be aborted today in the name of Jesus Christ. You are not going to quit your journey you are moving to the next level; the Lord told the children of Israel “I am taking you to the promised land” promised land is your goal, your target and you are not going to turn back.

 People try to turn back when their expectations fails. They have been praying and expecting things for years but it has not yet happened. When your expectation fails you feel like you have failed, but your expectation has never failed because God can never fail, his promises can never fail, his words can never fail, what he says he will do in your life that is what he will do, he can never say something and do another thing. We will get to a stage where we feel our expectation has crashed or failed; your expectation has not failed.

When God says he will give you children, he is going to give you children; when God says he is going to give you a husband he will give you a husband; when God says he going to give you a wife he will give you a wife, when God says he is going to make you a great person in life, he will make you a great person; he has never failed and he can never fail. Everyone who is supporting you, may withdraw their support from you, but God can never withdraw his support; people can move out of your Life, but God can never move out of your Life; People can depart from you, but God will never depart from you; people can say it is over, but God says it is the beginning of your life; when people stop their own blessing towards you, that is when God starts his own blessing.

 God Almighty his blessed you in the name of Jesus Christ. Habakkuk 2:2&3…You do not know the appointed time that is why you are so worried, at the appointed time it shall come to pass even if it tarries, the promises of God upon your life shall come to pass. We think that it is over and feel that we do not need to come to church any more because everything, we have been waiting on and asking God for is not happening; but what God wants to do for you, is for an appointed time. God has a time for everything Ecclesiastes 3:1&11..To everything there is a season…You cannot jump the queue, when we wait for God’s time everything is so beautiful,it is so perfect, whatever God does is perfect..James 1:17…Every good and perfect gift is from above, good and perfect gifts are from God.

If we can wait for our time, we will be so surprised, what the Lord has done for us.There are somethings that we do not know Jeremiah 33:3….Call unto me I will answer you….What God has in stock for you is more than what you know.When Saul went to the prophet, all he was looking for was the father’s donkeys but the Lord said “what I have in stock for you is more than what you are looking for. You are looking for donkeys but kingdom is waiting for you ….” Israel had no king before Saul, he became the first king of Israel, he did not prepare or plan for it…1 Corinthians 2:9..

Eye has not seen, ear has not heard,what the Lord has prepared for those who love him.What eyes has not seen, ears have not heard, that is what the Lord is preparing for you. Moses was 80years old, taking care of his father-in-law’s flocks and had no possession the Lord said “You are just taking care of the flock, but there is a great nation that you have to take care of, he was in the bush but God says you are going to shake the whole world.” Moses stretched his hands on the land of Egypt and there was darkness, the heaven was shaking, the earth was shaking; when he stretched out his hand on the Red sea it parted and the children of Israel crossed over. God wants to use  majority of us, to shake the heaven and the earth, to shake the shakable, to shake those who believe they are God, God wants to use you. God is saying wait for your time, you have prayed and fasted but the devil keep saying to you “when is it going to happen” tell him it is going to be done at the appointed time.

In Psalm 102:13…Arise and have mercy upon Zion for the time to favor her has come……There is a time to favor someone. When the Lord  spoke to Abraham that his wife will have a child at the age of 90yrs, Sarah laughed Genesis 18:13&14….Why did Sarah laugh, is there anything too difficult for God… Genesis 21:1…And the Lord visited Sarah as he had promised….The Lord tarried it, to that hour for everybody to know that there is nothing God cannot do. When you feel that your expectations has failed, that everything you are looking for is not in your hand, you feel like God is angry with you, you feel the Lord God has forsaken you, you feel like God has forgotten you, but God is still speaking, Isaiah 49:14-16….For Zion said God has forsaken me…God will not forget you. When he is distributing his blessings, you will be among  the blessed ones.

Your name is in the record of life, the Lord has inscribed your name at the palm of his hands, every minute the Lord remembers you, he takes care of you, he will never forget you, he will never forsake you. Hebrew 10:37&38…Yet wait a little while, he who is coming will come….Jesus who is coming will not tarry and the promises he has for you will surely come to pass. The blessings you have been praying for will surely come and it will not tarry, the peace of God will come into your life, the blessing of the Lord will come into your life.

The devil attacks us and gathers his forces of darkness against us…Romans 8:31…If God is for us who can be against us…Satan is a creature, God is a creator; the creature can never be as powerful as the creator, the creature has no power over the creator, the creator has the final say. The enemy may want to kill, destroy, they can try whatever they like, but the only person who has the final say is Jehovah, he is the God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob, if he does not give them the power, if he does not give them the key of your life nobody can destroy you, nobody can terminate you, nobody can stand against you, understand that there is no turning back. What you are doing continue to do, continue your prayer and fasting, God will surely answer you. The children of Israel thought they will not get there, those who did not believe the Lord destroyed them in the wilderness, but those who believed got to the promised land, you will get to the promised land.What will make you get to the promise land is your faith, have faith in God about what you are praying for and your request will be granted..

Apostle Matthew Oluwajoba

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